Questions about grade reporting

When can grades be entered? The grade reporting system will be available by 10:00am on the first day of the reporting period and 24 hours a day thereafter, except for short periods of routine maintenance. Grades can't be entered after the final grade due date (as published in the Course Schedule). If there are any questions regarding access to the grade reporting system please email our Student Records Team at or call 512-475-7644.

Why can't I enter grades for a class I'm teaching? To enter grades, you must be listed by the registrar's office as instructor of record for the class, be named a designee by the instructor of record, or be assigned to a student for individual instruction. If you, as instructor of record, can't access a class in our system, contact your office's grade reporting representative for help. (Note that our system doesn't accept grades for School of Law classes.)

What do I do if a student's status changed after the grade sheet was generated? Mark their grade with the available radio buttons, then enter their information in box at the bottom of the sheet. We'll update their record with the marked grade, based on the student's latest status.

What do I do if a student dropped my class, but the Q isn't shown on the sheet? Since grade sheets can't be sent in with blank grades, assign the appropriate grade. (If the student didn't pass, mark an F.) Add a note in the Remarks column if the student dropped the class.

What do I do if my grades won't be turned in by the deadline? Call Student Academic Records at 512 475-7644 immediately.

Who can I make a designee? Instructors of record may appoint a University staffer with an upgraded UT EID as a designee for their courses. Designees may enter but not send in grades through our system. (Designees can't be appointed to individual instruction.)

How will I know which classes I can enter grades for this semester? From the navbar of any page in the system, press Check My Authorization.

Why don't I see a Submit button on individual instruction courses? Instructors enter grades for students on their grade sheet. After all instructors for one unique number have entered grades, the department representative sends those grades to our office.

What do I do if a student has earned a grade but isn't listed on the sheet? A student not on the grade sheet wasn't registered for the class when the sheet was generated. Type their information at the bottom of the sheet. (For individual instruction, ask your department representative to add that information to the bottom of the sheet.) If the student officially registers, we'll post the assigned grade.

How do I use the Remarks column? Use it to note that a student has never attended class, or stopped attending on a given date. Remember: this is a permanent document, and any comments remain on the grade sheet.

How do I assign grades for dissertation, thesis, master's or departmental report, recital, and treatise? A grade of CR or NC should be reported at the end of each semester.

How do I change a grade after sending in a grade sheet? Submit an online grade change request.

How can I see online a sent-in grade sheet? Press the View Submitted Grades link and choose a year, semester, and unique number.

When using CR, what's a passing grade? For CR, an undergrad must earn a D- or better, and a grad student must earn a C or better.

When can I use X to show an incomplete? With instructor approval, use an X with an undergrad for one of three reasons:

  • Incomplete classroom assignment. The student hasn't finished required class or lab assignments for a reason other than lack of effort.
  • A request for temporary delay of the final course grade because of incomplete class or laboratory work can be made only if the student has a passing average on the classwork or laboratory work already completed and has taken and passed the final examination (unless a final examination is not given in the course or the student is unable to take the examination for reasons indicated in the following paragraph).
  • Missing the final examination. The student is unable to take the final examination because of illness or for another nonacademic reason. A physician's statement or other satisfactory verification is required.
  • Reexamination petition. Only a student who has an average of at least C on all classwork and laboratory work submitted before the final examination may request a temporary delay of the final course grade because he or she failed the final examination; the final examination is the examination given during the official final examination period. If the instructor denies the petition, the student's final course grade remains as originally assigned. If the instructor grants the petition, the grade on the reexamination is substituted for the grade on the original examination in determining the student's final course grade, provided the student earns at least a C on the reexamination. If the student earns a grade of less than C on the reexamination, a final course grade of F must be recorded.

For more information

To learn more, see , see Grade reporting or Grading symbols and details. For more about symbols, see General Information. For more about academic regulations, see current University catalogs and the Course Schedule.


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