Registrar services online

Will I need an EID for these?

Yes. Our services may ask for confidential information, so you'll need an eid account to use them. Tell me about getting an EID.

Services for students.

Address update
Change your local, permanent and email addresses and phone numbers.
Class listing
See your class schedule.
Course Instructor Survey results
See results from student feedback surveys for courses and instructors.
Course Schedule
Find courses offered by the University. (As offerings change, they'll show up here immediately.)
Degree audit
Check your progress toward an undergrad degree, see how future courses will count, and find advising help.
Finals for a class
Use the unique number of a class to find its final exam info, beginning about two weeks before finals begin.
Finals for a student
Find finals for your classes, about two weeks before the start of finals.
Grade report
See this semester's grades posted by the Saturday after finals end. (And if you like, check your grades from the last ten years, too.)
Graduation survey
Help us out by taking a quick state survey of your folks' educational levels. (The State of Texas asks us to gather this from all undergrads before they graduate.)
Restrict my info
Block your personal info from the general public. (Once you do this, the only people that can see your data are authorized University staff, and certain others described in the General Information catalog.)
Add or drop classes, and opt for extras, during your reserved registration times.
Registration info sheet
Before registering, check this sheet for bars you'll need to clear. (You can't register until you do.) The sheet, which displays your addresses, also offers advising tips.
See My Waitlists
See your waitlists, the date you joined them, your place, and the latest notices sent to you. You can change a swap class, and drop yourself from a waitlist.
Order transcripts between 8 am and midnight. Pay with credit card at What I Owe.
UT Planner
Search for, create, and save a variety of personalized schedule options based on your preferred courses and scheduling breaks using this new service.

Services for staff and faculty.

Class rosters
See and get rosters of the classes you deal with.
Manage your classes in this service.
Course schedule update
Submit course updates during postproduction.
Grade changes
Change existing grades.
Grade submission
Send in final class grades.
Final exam request
Let us know if you are giving a final exam or not.
Prerequisite check
See prerequisites for a given course and semester.
Room scheduling
Search for a general purpose classroom.
Student records
See student record documents we've scanned for your use.
Sign up for one of our classes.
Update your waitlists and track activity.

Other university services.

Admission applications
Check the status of your application, see if extra documents are needed for a decision, and learn if that decision has been made. |
512 475-7399 |
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Apply for aid, check your status, see awards and amounts offered to you, learn how you'll get your money, find out what's been paid for you, and get your counselor’s name. |
Student Accounts Receivable
Get a tuition or emergency cash loan of up to $300 online. Pay your tuition and clear your bars with financial aid, bank funds, eCheck or -- for a small fee -- by credit card. (If you owe nothing, use this service to finish registration.) See current balances of your bill or loan, your most recent payment, and your class schedule. Get an official tuition and fee receipt for any semester after fall 1996. | 512 475-7777 |
What I Owe
Get the current amount you owe the university. (Since some departments have separate systems, this balance may not be all you owe.) |
Dean of Students
512 471-1201 |
Summer orientation registration
Register for summer orientation, reserve orientation housing, and pick which placement tests you want to take. |
Faculty Innovation Center
Our mission is to catalyze transformative learning experiences in partnership with instructors and academic units.
Instructor surveys
See how students from the past six semesters have rated your courses and instructors. |
Loan counseling
Entrance counseling is needed by first borrowers of Stafford and Perkins loans. Exit counseling is needed if these borrowers are enrolled less than half-time. |