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*Only current full-time UT faculty and staff may reserve rooms through our office.*

Our office schedules university General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) on behalf of the University.  Classes and exams have first priority in GPCs. Event holders must:

  • Wait to enter a GPC if a class or exam is in progress.
  • Leave a GPC for the class or exam following. 

Request space as early as possible.  We schedule over 30,000 special event requests and about 27,000 class sections each year for university, community, state-wide, and national events. We use a first-come, first-serve basis to process requests, and confirm requests about a month prior to first class day of each semester.

The "expected number of attendees" for a reservation must fill the requested room by at least 50% of the total capacity and must not leave more than 100 seats left empty.

The "person in charge" must be a full time faculty or staff member and should be aware that they, as well as their department, will assume responsibility for any complaints, conflicts, or issues which occur during the time of the event.

Restricted Access Hours: Your I.D. is Your Key

GPC buildings and facilities transition to restricted access hours at 7:00pm on weekdays and at all times on weekends/holidays. Patrons will need to coordinate evening and weekend access in advance through Building Access and Security and bring their UT ID card to enter the building's celebrated entrance.

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Restricted GPC use: Final exam and no-class days

There are restrictions on what can be scheduled in general purpose classrooms (GPCs) on final exam and no-class days. Approved events must request room reservations through our office.

Reading/Dead days

The only class-related activity allowed in GPCs on the two university no-class days preceding final exam days (also known as “reading” or “dead” days) are office hours. GPCs will not be scheduled for quizzes, exams, or paper turn-ins.

No-class days

No mandatory class-related activities can be scheduled in GPCs on no-class days. Office hours, exam reviews, study groups, and organizational meetings can be scheduled in GPCs.

Final exam days

Final exams and any preparation or set-up regarding an exam have priority in GPCs on final exam days.

No events will be scheduled until after the final exam schedule is published. The only approved events scheduled in GPCs on university final exam days are:

  • Disability and Access: Scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Large GPCs will not be scheduled for Disability and Access (D&A) exams.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Defenses: Scheduled within an approved final exam period.
  • Make-up Exams: Unpublished make-up exams can be scheduled in a small GPCs for students with conflicts, on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Office Hours: Extended office hours can be held in a GPC on final exam days with a 15-minute buffer before or after any scheduled final exams in that room. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to relocate or reschedule the office hours reservation to support university final exam needs. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to relocate or reschedule extended office hours to support university final exam needs.
  • Make all exam-related requests through your department’s final exam scheduler.

Faculty and staff use.

Faculty and staff can use the Room Scheduling System to search for available GPCs then call or email our office to request reservations. Sign up in UT Learn for RG Room Scheduling System to learn how to use the system, or refresh your memory with the RG Room Scheduling System training presentation. Carry your reservation confirmation with you to your event.

Student use.

Registered student organizations must contact the Dean of Students’ Student Activities. Groups not currently registered may not make reservations. Students wishing to reserve rooms for study sessions must do so through staff or faculty in their academic unit.

Off-campus individuals, groups, and special permissions.

Requests must be approved prior to scheduling a GPC if  sponsoring events with:

  • Non-UT students, faculty, or staff
  • Un-registered UT student, faculty, or staff organizations
  • Associations or Corporations
  • Minors in attendance

See Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 80105 for more information. Complete, get signatures, and submit the Request to sponsor off-campus individuals or groups (RG 750) as detailed on the form.

Filming on the University of Texas at Austin campus is regulated and can require a permit:

Media contacts.

Reservations through our office are for classroom space only; requests for media or other types of support should be directed as follows:


Fine Arts AV Support



McCombs School of Business



College of Communication



College of Education



Cockrell School of Engineering Hotline




College of Liberal Arts



College of Natural Sciences



College of Pharmacy


Outdoor and hallway space.

Our office does not schedule these spaces. Coordinate with stakeholders to reserve:

  • Outdoor space and the Jester concourse (JES A101HL): Dean of Students office
  • Welch hallways: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry chair’s office.
  • Other hallways and corridors: Reserved via the academic or administrative unit most closely associated with the space in question.

Life safety code and help opening rooms.

Having more people in a room than allowed per fire code violates Life Safety Code. Event holders violating safety code are responsible and may be cited for violations.

Facilities Services unlocks GPCs based on reservations made in the Room Scheduling System. If your room is not open, contact Facilities Service Center line at 471-2020. Only GPCs reserved through our system will be unlocked.

Resolving scheduling conflicts.

The majority of perceived scheduling conflicts are simple mistakes, not actual scheduling conflicts. If someone else is in the room you reserved,  gather information about the identity of the other person or group so that we can research the problem afterwards.  If a resolution cannot be reached, locate a nearby available room and use it. Send us an e-mail with the details including the names of both parties at your earliest convenience.

Contact us

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