Payment Procedures | Spring 2024

In order to secure your registration each semester by the deadline, please take one of the following actions on the My Tuition Bill site

  •   Make a Payment     
  •   Click the “Pay with Financial Aid” button
  •   Click the “Confirm Attendance” button if you have a zero bill

Once you have signed your Financial Responsibility Statement, and your registration is complete, you will see a sentence on My Tuition Bill in green which states “Attendance Confirmed”. If you do not see this, you still have action to take.

You must take an action prior to the published deadline or your entire registration will be canceled, and you may incur late registration fees when you re-register. The minimum balance displayed on My Tuition Bill must be paid by the payment deadline or the university may cancel the student's registration in its entirety. Any student whose tuition is not paid in full by the 12th class day, January 31, 2024, will automatically be entered into an installment plan, with the remaining tuition balance, plus a $15 fee. All tuition must be paid before the installment deadline.

If you have a zero amount due, you must either click the "Confirm Attendance" or "Pay with Financial Aid" button on My Tuition Bill by the payment deadline to complete your registration. A zero bill does not mean zero responsibility. Failure to take action by the deadline will result in canceled registration and denied University services.

Learn about our accepted methods of payment and our payment plans under the "Installment Plan" section. If your registration is not complete by the steps described above by the payment due date, your registration will be canceled and you may incur a late registration fee to register again.

Early registration

You are expected to register at your earliest opportunity. For Registration Period 1 only, your tuition bill notification will be sent to the email address on file with the University. If your address is not correct, or you wish to update your address after your initial registration you can update your address online before 5:00pm (CST)Friday, November 10th. Official spring 2024 tuition bills will be payable on Tuesday, November 14th. If you do not receive your tuition bill, it is still your responsibility to complete registration by the deadline posted on the Texas One Stop website.

Undergraduates must make payment no later than 5:00pm (CST)Monday, January 8, 2024. Graduate and professional students must make a payment no later than 5:00pm (CST), Friday, January 19, 2024.

Review accepted methods of payment and our payment plans under the "Installment Plan" section. Remember — the final step in the registration process is making sure you can see "Attendance Confirmed” on My Tuition Bill. If you don’t complete this process by the payment deadline your registration will be canceled and you will lose all of your classes.


Tuition bills will not be sent. If you add or drop courses, your tuition bill will be updated overnight. My Tuition Bill will reflect any changes that have been made. If the changes made in your schedule result in the assessment of additional tuition you must pay the amount due. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of changes made to their tuition bill. 

If you have NOT taken an action on your tuition bill (made a payment, deferred to financial aid or confirmed attendance) your tuition bill is due by 5:00PM (CST) on Wed, Jan 31.

If you have already made a tuition payment then made additional changes, please consult your My Tuition Bill to see if you have additional fees. If you have made a payment, confirmed attendance and/or deferred to financial aid but acquired a new bill due to changes, you must pay in full by 11:59PM (CST) on Wed, Jan 31. Any tuition left unpaid will automatically place the student into the installment plan, incurring a one-time $15 fee. The final payment deadline for students with any unpaid tuition is March 15th, 2024, at 11:59pm (CST). Tuition not paid by this date will become a financial hold and the student's tuition bill will be subjected to a $25 late fee.

Review accepted methods of payment and our payment plans under the "Installment Plan" section. Remember — the final step in the registration process is making sure you can see “Attendance Confirmed" on My Tuition Bill. If you don’t complete this process by the payment deadline your registration will be canceled and you will lose all of your classes.

Late registration

Tuition bills will not be sent for late registration. To make an online payment you must visit My Tuition Bill to take action on your bill. If you need to pay by check or money order, please mail (mailing address is below) or pay in person at the Cashier's office located in the tower, MAI 8.  You must include your name and UT EID on your check.

Payment must be posted to your account no later than 5:00pm (CST)Wednesday, January 31st. Tuition bills will not be distributed. If you do not pay your tuition bill, you will lose your registration. 

Review accepted methods of payment and our payment plans under the "Installment Plan" section. Remember — the final step in the registration process is making sure you can see “Attendance Confirmed” on My Tuition Bill. If you don’t complete this process by the payment deadline your registration will be canceled and you will lose all of your classes. You may also incur a late registration fee to re-register for your classes.

Payment plans

Full Payment Plan. Full payment must be received and posted to your account no later than the payment deadline in the registration sequence table as shown on My Tuition Bill. Confirmation of attendance must be made if the student has a zero bill.

Installment plan. Tuition and required fees may be paid in installments. The first installment consists of:

  • The minimum payment due as displayed on My Tuition Bill
    • $1,500 for Texas Residents
    • $5,000 for Non-Residents

The first installment is due by the deadline specified in the registration sequence table or as shown on My Tuition Bill. No late initial installment payments will be accepted; failure to pay the first installment by the due date will result in cancelation of registration. The installment plan is not available to students who register after the 12th class day.

Students will electronically sign an installment plan promissory note when they sign the Financial Responsibility Statement.

Tuition and most required fees are payable in installments. The two-payment installment plan requires minimum payment of $1,500 for Texas residents and $5,000 for non-Texas residents. The remainder of deferrable fees is payable in one installment due March 15th, 2024 at 11:59pm (CST). A $15 service charge to cover the cost of handling will be assessed to each student who has not paid their balance in full by 11:59pm (CST) on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the 12th class day, adjusted for adds and drops. Bills for these payments are sent to the student's e-mail address. Paper bills are not mailed.

By opting into the installment plan you agree to pay the remaining tuition and fees on time. A $25 late charge is assessed for the final installment payment received after the March 15th due date. If you are enrolled in the installment plan and subsequently receive a financial aid award, your total tuition and fees will be deducted from your award at the time of disbursement.

Visit Official Receipt to receive a tuition payment receipt.

Direct any questions about tuition bills to Texas One Stop. E-mail inquiries may be sent to

Methods of payment

Electronic Payment. There are two options available for paying online directly from your bank account. To select either option visit My Tuition Bill. Electronic payments that are returned to the University, regardless of the reason, will be treated the same as returned checks. Tuition and financial holds cannot be paid by electronic funds if you have a "no personal check" restriction with Student Accounts Receivable.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer. You may pay by direct transfer of funds from your bank using a pre-established account if you have completed an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form. Authorizations may be completed online. This payment method requires an upgraded EID and is only available to students. (Although this is our preferred method of payment, parents with eProxy access are not authorized to initiate an EFT transfer.)
  • eCheck. You may pay online just as though you were using a traditional paper check. No authorization form is required. This option does not require an upgraded EID and can be used by anyone acting as an eProxy.
  • Credit Card. Go to My Tuition Bill to pay with MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or American Express. A convenience fee of 2.3% will be charged at the time of payment for all tuition and mandatory fee payments made by credit card. (Rate is subject to change.)

If payment is approved, the registration system will give you an authorization code confirming the transaction. After the payment process is complete, it is the student's responsibility to view their My Tuition Bill and make sure the message “Attendance Confirmed” is displayed. 

Check or money order. All checks must be drawn on US banks in US dollars. Collection charges resulting from checks drawn otherwise will be charged to the student.

If Checks are mailed, your payment must be posted to the student's tuition bill by the payment deadline or registration will be canceled. Make checks payable to The University of Texas at Austin and include your name and UT EID on the check. Multiple checks should be sent together if possible to ensure proper account posting. All checks must be drawn on a bank within the United States of America. 

Mailing Checks. To avoid delays in posting checks, it is critical that you do not mail a check to the commercial courier address through the US Postal Service.

Checks mailed using US Postal Service, including Express Mail overnight delivery, should be mailed to

The University of Texas at Austin

Student Accts Receivable

PO Box 7398

Austin TX 78713-7398

Checks being sent through the US Post Office should not use the address listed below.  Only checks sent using a commercial courier service, including FedEx and UPS, should be sent to

The University of Texas at Austin,

Student Accts Receivable, K5308

110 Inner Campus Dr. Main 4

Austin TX 78712-1669

Please contact the Texas One Stop regarding outside (non-UT) scholarships, as Student Accounts Receivable/Tuition Billing cannot process outside scholarship checks.

Tuition loan. You may apply for tuition loans online. An upgraded EID and password are required to create the promissory note and electronically sign. Students who do not have an upgraded EID should contact the ITS Help Desk,, for instructions on how to do a temporary EID upgrade. Questions concerning tuition loans should be directed to Texas One Stop.

If your payment is returned to the University, for any reason, your registration will be incomplete. If payment is not received within ten calendar days of the returned check notice, you will not be registered for classes. For additional information regarding returned payments and charges assessed please see Student Accounts Receivable Returned Checks.

Zero bill. If your tuition is zero, you must still confirm your attendance before the payment deadline. If a third party, such as the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, pays your tuition bill you must confirm attendance before the payment deadline. You may do this via My Tuition Bill. For additional information contact Texas One Stop. If you do not plan to attend classes do not confirm attendance and we will cancel your registration. If your registration is cancelled Student Accounts Receivable will not bill the agency, scholarship, or account for the fees. If you have confirmed attendance and later choose not to attend you must follow normal withdrawal procedures.

Financial aid. If you are eligible to pay the minimum amount due on your tuition bill with your financial aid, you must do so by clicking the "Pay with Financial Aid" button on My Tuition Bill or pay any remaining balance by the payment deadline.

Questions about eligibility and financial aid awards should be directed to Texas One Stop.

If you are eligible for financial aid, you must make sure there are no "Requireditems on your CASH page. Any unpaid financial aid may become your financial responsibility. If the expected financial aid is not available to pay all of your tuition bill by the twelfth class day, you must make other arrangements to pay your bill in full by that date, or you will be automatically placed into the installment plan. The final tuition payment is due by March 15, 2024 at 11:59pm (CST). Tuition not paid by this date will become a financial hold and the student's tuition bill will be subjected to a $25 late fee.