Period 1 | April 17 to April 28, 2017

This course schedule content is archived.

Registration for continuing and readmitted students. All students currently enrolled in Spring 2017 and any student readmitted for Fall 2017.

WHEN. Undergraduate student initial access time is based on their progress toward degree completion. Graduate student access times are based on their status as a graduate student. Find your access times by checking your registration information sheet. If it is your access time, you may register online.

PAYMENT. Tuition bills are emailed on July 25 to the address in your student records. After you're billed, pay or confirm your attendance by your deadline at My Tuition Bill or by other payment procedures. If you don't pay or confirm your attendance, you will be dropped from all of your classes and waitlists.

Undergraduate tuition is due by 5pm, Friday, August 18.

Graduate tuition is due by 5pm, Tuesday, September 5.

VERIFY. Ensure that your registration is complete by visiting My Tuition Bill before your payment deadline. Do this even if a third party is paying your tuition bill. Your registration is complete when you see "Your registration is complete and your courses are secured" clearly stated in green on your tuition bill.

Registration Access Period 1

April 17

  • All non-MBA grad students | 8am-12midnight
  • All MBA students | 4pm-12midnight
  • All graduate students may continue to access registration through April 28. Check your registration information sheet for access times.

April 18-28

  • Continuing and readmitted students | Your initial access time is based on your progress toward degree completion. Find your access times by checking your registration information sheet