Period 5: 9 and 10 Jun

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$50 Late registration for all students not yet registered.

Add-drop by permission for registered and paid students.

Pay by your deadline. If you don't, your registered and waitlisted classes will be canceled. If you're paying with financial aid, or if your bill is zero because someone else is paying, you must still confirm your registration by the deadline or lose your classes.

You won't be mailed a bill. After you register or adjust your classes, get your tuition/fee bill at My Tuition Bill. If your changes increase your tuition or fees, pay via My Tuition Bill, or by check or money order. Refunds are issued after the fourth class day. See fee adjustments for details.

WHO Any students who have not yet registered for summer may do so in this registration period.

All students who have completed registration by paying tuition and fees may add-drop during this open access time.

WHEN Undergraduates can access the system to drop or pass/fail classes. Graduate students must go to the department offering the classes to make any changes.

You can determine your access times by consulting the table below or you may view your specific access times on your registration information sheet (RIS).

REGISTRATION Undergraduate students begin the registration process in Registration, room 16 in the Main Building.

Graduate students begin the registration process with their graduate adviser.

Adds-Drops Undergraduate students may only drop online.

To add a class during this period, both undergraduate and graduate students must go to the department offering the class.

Permission to add a class is at the discretion of the department offering the course. In some colleges and schools, the approval of the student’s adviser and dean are required.

PAYMENT Tuition/fee bills will not be mailed. Payment must be received by 5:00pm the same day.

Payment for added classes must be received by 5:00pm 10 Jun.

If paying with financial aid – If you are deferring payment to financial aid, you still need to confirm your registration online.

If tuition/fee bill indicates zero amount due (zero bill) – If you have a “zero bill,” meaning that a grant or a third party pays tuition, you still need to confirm your registration online.

Note: Failure to pay for registration by the 5:00pm deadline will result in the schedule being canceled. Students who are permitted to register after June 10 will incur a $200 late registration fee.

Registration access period 5.

Mon 9 Jun

  • All students | 8a to 12m

Tue 10 Jun

  • All students | 8a to 4p