Period 4 | January 18 to January 21, 2022

$25 late registration for all students not registered. Add/drop for all registered and paid students.

WHEN. Your individual registration access time is posted to your registration information sheet. If it is your access time, you may register online.

PAYMENT. Tuition bills will not be sent. After you're billed, visit My Tuition Bill and take one of these actions: make tuition payment, pay with financial aid, or confirm your attendance if your tuition amount is zero. If you don't pay or confirm your attendance, your registered and waitlisted classes will be canceled.

Undergraduate tuition is due by 5pm, Wednesday, February 2.

Graduate tuition is due by 5pm, Friday, January 21.

Payment for added classes is due by 5pm, Wednesday, February 2.

VERIFY. Ensure that your registration is complete and that your classes are secure by visiting My Tuition Bill before your payment deadline. Do this even if a third party is paying your tuition.

  • Your registration is complete when you see "Your registration is complete and your courses are secured" stated in green on your tuition bill.

Registration Access Period 4

January 18 to 20

  • All students | 8am-12midnight

January 21

  • All students | 8am-5pm