Period 8 | 11 & 12 Jul 2012

This course schedule content is archived.

Second term $50 late registration for all students not yet registered.

Second term add-drop by permission for registered and paid students.

REGISTRATION Undergraduate students begin the registration process in Registration, room 1 in the Main Building.

Graduate students begin the registration process with their graduate adviser.

WHEN Undergraduates can access the system to drop or pass/fail classes. To add you must go to the department. Graduate students must go to the department offering the classes to make any changes.

You may access registration online during the appropriate access time. Your access time is based on first letter of your last name and can be determined by consulting the table below or by checking your registration information sheet.

PAYMENT Tuition/fee bills will not be mailed. Pay by your deadline at My Tuition Bill or by other payment procedures. If you don't pay, your registered classes will be canceled.

Students who are permitted to register after July 12 will incur a $200 late registration fee.

Registration access period 8.

11 Jul

  • Late registration all students | 8a-12m

12 Jul

  • Late registration all students | 8a-5p