Writing courses

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The following courses offered in the fall semester 2010 contain a substantial writing component. These courses may be taken in partial fulfillment of the basic education requirement in writing that is part of each undergraduate degree program.

Because the writing component designation may vary by section and semester, students should consult the course listings in this Course Schedule to determine which unique numbers carry the writing statement.

School of Architecture

ARI 368R

Interior Design History II-W

ARC 318L

World Arc: Industrl Rev-Pres-W

ARC 368R

Cent European Arch 1648-Pres-W

ARC 368R

Hist of Building Technology-W

ARC 368R

Hist/Theors Landscp Arch I-W

ARC 368R

Prfsnl Dsgn Prac: Baroq Rome-W

ARC 368R

Soviet Av-Gar Arch/Art/Film-W

Red McCombs School of Business

Business Administration

B A 324

Busn Comm: Oral and Written-W

B A 324H

Busn Comm: Oral and Writ-Hon-W

Department of Accounting

ACC 362

Auditing and Control-W

Department of Finance

FIN 370

Integrative Finance-W

LEB 323H

Business Law-Honors-W

MIS 375

Strat Inf Tech Mgmt-Busn Maj-W

Department of Management

MAN 374

General Managmnt & Strategy-W

MAN 374H

General Mgmt & Strategy-Hon-W

Department of Marketing

MKT 370

Marketing Policies-W

College of Communication


COM 324

Creative Process Film/TV-L A-W

COM 370

Comm Human Side of Socl Iss-W

COM 370

Explor Stand-Up Humor in US-W

COM 370

Senior Fellows Symposium-W

Department of Advertising

ADV 325

Intro to Advertising Creativ-W

ADV 370J

Integrated Communicatns Mgmt-W

P R 317

Writing for Public Relations-W

P R 348

Public Relations Techniques-W

P R 367

Integrated Communicatns Mgmt-W

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD 367K

Intro Sp/Lng Dis Asm/Trt Chl-W

CSD 371

Intro Sp/Lng Dis Asm/Trt Adu-W

Department of Communication Studies

CMS 314L

Lang, Communicatn, & Culture-W

CMS 364K

Gender and Communication-W

School of Journalism

J 315

News Media Writing & Editing-W

J 320D

Intermediate Reporting-W

J 322D

Brdcst Newswrit/Radio Report-W

J 327

Feature Writing-W

J 331

Web Publishing-W

J 334

Multimedia Journalism-W

J 340C

1-Mass Media and Minorities-W

J 340C

3-Journalism and Religion-W

J 349T

Globlzatn/Transnatl/Socl Med-W

J 349T

4-International Reporting-W

J 353D

Television Reporting-W

J 359T

1-Sports Journalism-W

J 372D

Television Producing-W

J 374D

Advanced Feature Writing-W

Department of Radio-Television-Film

RTF 324F

Democracy, Polit, the Media-W

RTF 331K

5-Screen Theory-W

RTF 331M

Globlzatn/Transnatl/Socl Med-W

RTF 333

Intro to Screenwriting-W

RTF 345

Media and US Polit Conflict-W

RTF 348

Creative Process Film/TV-L A-W

RTF 359

Natl Identity and the Media-W

RTF 359S

2-Women and Media Culture-W

RTF 365

Alternative Media-W

RTF 365

Contemp Iss Latinos & Media-W

RTF 367K

Producing Film & Television-W

RTF 370

Independent American Cinema-W

College of Education

Applied Learning and Development

ALD 328

Applied Human Learning-W

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

EDC 332S

Designs for Instr-Music Std-W


19-Reading/Language Arts-W

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

HED 352K

2-Psychosocl Iss Women’s Hlth-W

KIN 349

Hist of Sport and Phys Activ-W

Cockrell School of Engineering

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

ASE 333T

Engineering Communication-W

ASE 269K

Measurements & Instrumentatn-W


Undergraduate Honors Thesis-W

Department of Biomedical Engineering

BME 221

Measurement/Instrumntatn Lab-W

BME 333T

Engineering Communication-W

Department of Chemical Engineering

CHE 333T

Engineering Communication-W

CHE 253M

Meas, Cntrl, & Data Anly Lab-W

CHE 264

Chem Engr Process & Proj Lab-W

CHE 473K

Process Design & Operations-W

Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

C E 314K

Prop and Behav of Engr Matls-W

C E 333T

Engineering Communication-W

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

E E 333T

Engineering Communication-W

E E 464C

Corporate Senior Design Proj-W

E E 464H

Honors Senior Design Project-W

E E 464K

Senior Design Project-W

E E 464R

Research Senior Design Proj-W

Department of Mechanical Engineering

M E 333T

Engineering Communication-W

M E 366J

Mech Engr Design Methodology-W

Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

PGE 424


PGE 333T

Engineering Communication-W

College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

F A 350

Intro Wom/Gend Std Fine Arts-W

F A 350

Visual Art Careers-W

Department of Art and Art History

ARH 374

Gothic Cathedral: Amiens-W

ARH 375

Art Historical Methods-W

ARH 379H

Thesis Crs for Dept Honors-W

DES 320

Design Theory and Method-W

VAS 330

Intro to Visual Art Studies-W

Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music

MUS 339M

Intro Mus Busn/Entreprnrship-W

MUS 369P

Senior Paper in Music Theory-W

Department of Theatre and Dance

T D 311

Languages of the Stage-W

T D 326D

Thtr Stds: Young Audiences-W

T D 351T

Youth Theatre Tour-W

T D 357T

Artists in Public Practice-W

T D 357T

Musical Theatre History-W

T D 357T

New Play Creatn: Conc-Rehrsl-W

John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences

Department of Geological Sciences

GEO 422K


GEO 476K

Groundwater Hydrology-W

GEO 379H

Honors Tutorial Course-W

School of Information

INF 304W

Intro Information Studies-WB-W

INF 350E

Technologies of the Book-Hon-W

College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Honors

LAH 350

Technologies of the Book-w

Archaeological Studies


Honors Tutorial Course-W

Ethnic Studies

Center for Asian American Studies

AAS 320

Globlzatn/Transnatl/Socl Med-W

AAS 320

Natl Identity and the Media-W

Ethnic Studies

Center for Mexican American Studies

MAS 374

Contemp Iss Latinos & Media-W

MAS 374

22-Mass Media and Minorities-W

Ethnic Studies

Center for European Studies

EUS 347

Gothic Cathedral: Amiens-W

Department of Geography and the Environment

URB 354

Human Behav and Social Envir-W

Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

LAS 322

Contemp Iss Latinos & Media-W

LAS 322

10-Mass Media and Minorities-W

Department of Religious Studies

R S 357

Gothic Cathedral: Amiens-W

Center for Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 324

2-Women and Media Culture-W

WGS 340

Ntl Identity and the Media-W

WGS 340

21-Mass Media and Minorities-W

WGS 345

Intro Wom/Gend Std Fine Arts-W

WGS 345

35-Psysocl Iss in Wom's Hlth-W

College of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

NSC 371

Tx Interdisciplnry Plan Smnr-W

School of Biological Sciences

BIO 205L

Lab Exp Bio: Cell/Molec Bio-W

BIO 208L

Field Biology-W

BIO 323L

Lab Studies in Cell Biology-W

BIO 325


BIO 325L

Lab Experience in Genetics-W

BIO 331L

Lab Studies in Molecular Bio-W

BIO 337

2-Research Methods: UTeach-W

BIO 361L

Public Hlth Bacteriology Lab-W

BIO 361P

Public Health Internship-W

BIO 371L

Experimental Physiology-W

BIO 373L

Ecology Laboratory-W

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

CH 431

Inorganic Chemistry-W

CH 368

Research Methods-UTeach-W

CH 369L

Biochemistry Laboratory-W

CH 370

Physical Methods for Biochem-W

Department of Computer Sciences

C S 329E

Elems of Computing in Socty-W

C S 370

Undergrad Reading & Research-W

C S 373

Software Engineering-W

C S 379H

Computer Sci Honors Thesis-W

School of Human Ecology

Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

HDF 347

Socioecon Probs of Family-W

HDF 372K

Family Interaction and Devel-W

School of Human Ecology

Department of Nutritional Sciences

NTR 338W

Issues in Nutrition & Health-W

NTR 355

Undergrad Rsch in Nutrition-W

NTR 379H

Honors Tutorial Course-W

School of Human Ecology

Division of Textiles and Apparel

TXA 355P

Prob in Retail Merchandising-W

Department of Mathematics

M 110

Conference Course-W

M 175

Conference Course-W

M 379H

Honors Tutorial Course-W

Department of Physics

PHY 341

Research Methods-UTeach-W

PHY 353L

Modern Physics Laboratory-W

School of Nursing

N 311

Ethics of Health Care-W

N 347

Transition to Professnl Nur-W

N 375P

Public Hlth Nursing Pract-RN-W

N 375P

Public Hlth Nursing Pract-W

College of Pharmacy

PHR 249A

Introduction to Pharmacy-W

PHR 364D

Pharm & the Health Care Sys-W

School of Social Work

S W 323K

Socl Welf Prog, Pol, and Iss-W

S W 327

Human Behav and Social Envir-W