Grade reporting

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Submission of grades to registrar.

Faculty are required to submit grades according to the following schedule and policies:

Grade reporting due dates for classes with official meeting times.

For classes having a

final examination on:

Grades are due by 10am on:

Friday, July 9

Wednesday, July 14

Saturday, July 10

Thursday, July 15

Wednesday, July 28

Monday, August 2

Thursday, July 29

Tuesday, August 3

Saturday, August 14

Thursday, August 19

Monday, August 16

Friday, August 20

Final grades for classes that have regularly scheduled meeting times but no final examinations are due at the same time they would have been if examinations had been scheduled.

Grade reporting due dates for classes without an official meeting time.

For the following summer terms:

Grades are due by 10am on:

first-term classes

Wednesday, July 14

nine-week classes

Monday, August 2

second-term and whole-session classes

Thursday August 19

Final grades should be submitted online by the instructor of record by going to Grade Reporting. Online grade submission is available at all times during grade reporting.

Grade reports to students.

Grade reports are available to all students, except students in the School of Law, at the end of each semester and summer session.