Payment procedures summer 2010

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Your registration is not complete until you have gone to My Tuition Bill and made arrangements to have your tuition bill paid. Whether you are paying directly, via financial aid, or via a third party (grants, scholarships, Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, etc.), you must indicate that you will attend and/or arrange for payment. The installment plan is not available in summer. If you do not pay your tuition bill in full or in accordance with an approved installment plan or indicate that you are paying via financial aid or a third party, you are not registered and you may not attend classes or use University services. It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration has been completed.

To obtain a tuition bill quote or to verify completion of registration, go to My Tuition Bill. If you have questions about tuition and fees, contact Tuition Billing at or by phone at (512) 475-7777 (option 1).

Payment plans.

Full Payment Plan. For undergraduates who register by 30 April, full payment or confirmation of attendance must be received by 5pm on 20 May. Undergraduates who register after 30 April must make payment or confirm attendance by the deadline specified in the registration sequence table or as instructed at the time of registration.

Graduate and professional students must make payment by 5pm on 4 June or as instructed at the time of registration.

To check for receipt of a tuition payment, go to Official Receipt.

Direct questions about tuition bills to Tuition Billing, MAI 4, (512) 475-7777 (option 1). E-mail inquiries may be sent to

Methods of payment.

Electronic Bank Payment. There are two options available for paying online directly from your bank account. To select either option, go to My Tuition Bill online. Electronic payments that are returned to the University, regardless of the reason, will be treated the same as returned checks. Tuition and financial bars cannot be paid by electronic funds if you have a "no personal check" restriction with Student Accounts Receivable.

  • eCheck. You may pay online just as though you were using a traditional paper check. No authorization form is required. This option does not require an upgraded EID and can be used by anyone acting as an eProxy.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer. You may pay by direct transfer of funds from your bank using a pre-established account if you have completed an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form. Authorizations may be completed online.

Credit Card. Go to My Tuition Bill online to charge the total amount due to your MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card.

If payment is approved, the registration system will give you an authorization code confirming the transaction. A 1.75% convenience charge will be added to all tuition and mandatory fee payments made by credit card.

Check or money order. All checks must be drawn on US banks in US dollars. Collection charges resulting from checks drawn otherwise will be charged to the student.

Checks may be presented to the cashiers in MAI 8, placed in the drop slot near the entrance to MAI 12, or, for early registration only, may be mailed. (See early registration below.) Your payment must be received by the payment deadline or your registration will be canceled. Include your UT EID on your check. Send multiple checks together to ensure proper account posting.

If your check is returned to the University, your registration will be incomplete. If payment is not received within ten calendar days of the returned check notice, you will not be registered for classes.

Cash. Do not mail cash payments. Cash payments must be presented to the cashiers in MAI 8 before 5pm on the payment deadline.

Western Union Quick Collect. To use Quick Collect, complete a blue Quick Collect Payment Form at a Western Union Office (call 1-800-325-6000 to locate the nearest office), indicating that the amount is payable to University Texas Austin, the code city is Longhorns, TX, and the type of payment is registration. You must also give your name and UT EID.

Tuition loan. You may apply for tuition loans online. An upgraded EID and password are required to create the promissory note and electronically "sign." Students who have not upgraded their UT EIDs may apply for a loan and then go to the cashiers in MAI 8 by 4:30pm the same day or the next business day (but by 5:00pm on the payment deadline) to sign a promissory note and complete registration. You will be required to present a photo ID. Questions concerning tuition loans should be directed to Student Accounts Receivable, (512) 475-7779 (option 2).

Zero bill. If your tuition is zero, you must still confirm your attendance before the payment deadline. If a third party, such as the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan or a grant or scholarship, pays your tuition bill, you must confirm attendance before the payment deadline. You may do this via My Tuition Bill online. For additional information contact Student Accounts Receivable at (512) 475-7777, (option 1). If you do not plan to attend classes, do not confirm and we will cancel your registration; Student Accounts Receivable will not bill the agency, scholarship, or account for the fees. If you have confirmed and then choose not to attend, you must follow normal withdrawal procedures.

Financial aid. If you are eligible to charge your tuition bill to your financial aid, you may request this charge via My Tuition Bill by the payment deadline.

Questions about eligibility should be directed to the University of Texas at Austin, Office of Student Financial Services, General Accounting Section, 100 W Dean Keeton St, Austin TX 78705.

If you are eligible for financial aid and choose to have registration charges paid directly from your financial aid account by the payment deadline, you will be tentatively registered. If, for any reason, the expected financial aid is not available to pay the registration fees by the twelfth class day, you must make other arrangements to pay fees by that date.

Early registration.

You are expected to register at your earliest opportunity. Your tuition bill notification will be sent to your e-mail address on file in the registrar's office. If your addresses are not correct on the RIS, or if you wish to update your address after your initial registration access, update your address online by 5pm, 6 November. If you do not receive your tuition bill, it is still your responsibility to complete registration by the deadline on the Student Accounts Receivable Web site.

Your tuition bill will be e-mailed to your designated address on 10 November. If you do not receive your tuition bill, it is still your responsibility to pay by the deadline. Tuition bill quotes may be requested from Student Accounts Receivable.

Undergraduates must make payment no later than 5pm, 7 January.

Graduate and professional students must make payment no later than 5pm 22 January.

See above for information regarding payment plans and methods of payment. If payment is not received by the deadline, your registration will be canceled. One week prior to the payment deadline, the University will send e-mail notifications to students who have not made payment. Notification will be sent to the e-mail address on the student's official record. No other notification regarding nonpayment will be sent.

Pay Online at My Tuition Bill:

  • By eCheck or electronic funds transfer.
  • By MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • By financial aid or third party.

Pay by Mail:

The address for overnight delivery (except US Postal Service Express Mail) is

  • Student Accounts Receivable

    Main Building, Room 4

    24th and Guadalupe Streets

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Austin TX 78712

Send US Postal Service mail, including Express Mail, to

  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Student Accounts Receivable

    PO Box 7398

    Austin TX 78713-7398

Pay in Person:

  • At Cashiering in MAI 8, open 8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday. Pay using cash, check, money order, traveler’s check, or cashier’s check.


Tuition bills will not be sent. You will not be sent a bill for added classes. After you have completed your add/drop transactions, go to My Tuition Bill for an add bill quote. These bills are recalculated overnight. If the changes you made in your schedule result in the assessment of additional tuition and/or fees, you must make payment via the Web as in the preceding paragraph, or by check or money order. Checks and money orders may be deposited in the drop slot near the entrance to MAI 12. Payment must be received by 5pm, 3 February. Where applicable, your installment balance will be adjusted; adjusted installment payments are due by the specified deadlines. Failure to make payment by the appropriate deadline may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Late registration.

Tuition bills will not be sent. To pay your bill online, to confirm attendance for a zero bill, or to pay using financial aid, go to My Tuition Bill. To pay by check or money order, go to the cashiers in MAI 8 (weekdays only 8:30am–4:30pm) or deposit your payment in the drop slot near the entrance to MAI 12. Include your student ID number on your check.

Payment must be received by 5pm on the payment deadline. Tuition bills will not be distributed. If you do not pay your tuition bill, you will not be registered.

Contact us

  • 512 475-7656
  • Main Bldg room 16, Registrar Registration M5504 | off campus: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the Registrar, Registration, PO Box 7216, Austin TX 78713-7216