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What's new in the schedule for spring.

Dean of undergraduate studies. The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies provides a diverse set of programs and resources that traverse boundaries between colleges and disciplines and enhance the quality of undergraduate education. The following fields of study can be found within the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies: Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP), First-Year Seminar (F S), and Undergraduate Studies (UGS).

Graduate tuition due date. Graduate and professional students who register by 17 January will have until 5:00 pm 17 January to pay their spring tuition/fee bills. Spring registration will be canceled due to non-payment after 5:00 pm on 17 January.

Tuition installment plans. A promissory note must be signed by the student before the first tuition installment plan payment will be accepted. To sign the note, go to My Tuition Bill - Promissory Note. Students who do not have a high-assurance UT EID may sign a paper note at the cashiers in MAI 8.)

Updates to class listings. When academic units update their class meeting information, the new information is available to students instantly on their class listing page as well as in this Course Schedule. Students are expected to double-check their classes prior to the first class meeting.

Electronic billing of tuition and fees. Since the spring 2006 semester, all tuition and fees have been electronically billed. Students no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. It is the students’ responsibility to make certain that their tuition and fees are paid by the deadlines listed in this Course Schedule. Only students who register in the first access period will receive a notification that their fee bills are ready to be paid, however all students may view their bills at My Tuition Bill. More information on eBilling is available from Student Accounts Receivable.

Official email policy. Electronic mail, or email, is a mechanism for official University communication to students. The University will exercise the right to send email communication to all students, and the University will expect that email communication will be received and read in a timely manner. The full policy is available here.

Useful phone numbers.

  • 512 475-7575 Our office
  • 512 475-7656 Registration helpline
  • 512 475-7689 Transcripts
  • 512 475-7399 Admissions
  • 512 471-3434 UT directory assistance
  • 512 475-7777 Cashiers
  • 512 471-1201 Dean of Students Office
  • 512 475-7348 General information and referrals
  • 512 475-7391 Grad and international admissions
  • 512 471-4955 Health services
  • 512 471-3136 Housing and food
  • 512 471-4334 ID center
  • 512 471-1211 International office
  • 512 232-9619 Lost and found
  • 512 471-3032 Instructional Innovation and Assessment
  • 512 471-3825 Ombudsperson
  • 512 471-3304 Orientation
  • 512 471-7275 Parking
  • 512 471-6045 Rec Sports
  • 512 475-7777 Student Accounts Receivable
  • 512 471-8277 Texas Success Initiative
  • 512 475-7777 Tuition and fee billing

Contact us

  • Robert Wyatt, asst registrar
  • 512 475-7600
  • Main Bldg room 16, Registrar Room Scheduling M5504 | off campus: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the Registrar, Room Scheduling, PO Box 7216, Austin TX 78713-7216