The Veterans Compliance Reporting Re-Engineering Project

About the Project

The Veterans Compliance Reporting Re-Engineering Project addresses the need to convert today’s manual and labor-intensive veterans compliance reporting process into a streamlined solution that enables data to be submitted by educational institutions directly into the VA-ONCE and VACERT systems operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Because of its unique experience in successfully automating financial aid reporting for the nation’s colleges and universities, several school registrars approached the National Student Clearinghouse in 2014 to help similarly transform the VA compliance reporting process.
Since then, the Clearinghouse has collaborated with several other nonprofit organizations — Student Veterans of America (SVA), National Association of Veterans’ Program Administrators (NAVPA), and American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) — to define and validate the opportunity represented by the project. Hundreds of School Certifying Officials (SCOs), who work directly with student veterans, as well as other education leaders and many student veterans, have also provided input.

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Supporters of Veterans Compliance Reporting Re-Engineering Project

Brandeis University 

Mark S. Hewitt 

University Registrar 

Brandman University

Nirmala (Mala) Sharma 

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Military & Veteran Services

Brown University 

Rob Fitzgerald 

University Registrar 

Case Western Reserve University 

Amy Hammett 

University Registrar and Dir. Student Information Systems & Services 

City Colleges of Chicago

Cynthia Rathunde

District Director, Student Veterans Services

Columbia College

Blaine Bredeman

Assistant Registrar

Columbia International University

Jennifer Booth


Eastern Michigan University

Michael Wise

Asst. Director, Military and Veteran Services

Fordham University 

Anna Ponterosso 

University Registrar and Director of Academic Records 

Fordham University 

Seton Heslin-Scott 

Assistant Director Academic Records- Certifying Official 

Fordham University  

Mara Samuell 

Associate Director of Academic Records and Certifying Official 

Glen Oaks Community College

Benjamin Fries

Student Success Advisor

Grossmont College

Wayne Branker

Admissions & Records Supervisor

Houston Community College Ralph B. DeVaul, Jr.

Director, Veterans Affairs

John Carroll University

Eric Patterson

Director of Veteran Affairs

Kaplan University 

Michael Lorenz 


Lee College Ehab Mustafa 

Veterans Center Director 

Logan University 

John-Herbert Jaffry 


Logan University 

LaToya Cash 

Associate Registrar 

Lone Star College Steven L. Hall 

System Director, Veterans Affairs / Military-Affiliated Student Services 

Madison Area Technical College

Wendy Stalker

Certifying Official

MiraCosta College

Valerie McCarley

Veterans Assistant

Missouri State University 

Natalie Seever 

Business Process and Reporting Analyst - Office of the Registrar 

Missouri State University-West Plains 

Laurie Wall 


Missouri Western State University 

Mary Marston 

Marketing and Enrollment Associate 

Missouri Western State University

Dixie Williams 

Associate Director of Admissions 

New York Institute of Technology 

Nancy Borchers 

Associate Registrar, SCO 

New York University 

Elizabeth Kienle-Granzo 

University Registrar 

Normandale Community College

Lori York

Veterans Advisor and School Certifying Official

Oakland University

Christopher Goeth

Assistant Registrar

Ozarks Technical Community College 

Scott Fiedler 

College Director of Admissions/Registrar 

Princeton University

Polly Griffin


Sam Houston State University  Fernando Chavez 

Director, Veterans Resource Center 

Southeast Missouri State University 

Amanda Woods 

Acting Director, OMVS 

Southern Methodist University

John Hall 

University Registrar & Executive Director of Enrollment Services 

Southern Methodist University 

Joe Papari 

Director of Enrollment Services for Student Systems and Technology 

Southern Methodist University 

Mitzie R. Goff 

Associate Registrar 

Southwest Baptist University 

John Credille 

Registrar/VA Certifying Official 

St. Cloud State University

Kathie Goenner

VA Certifying Official

Stanford University

Thomas C. Black

Associate Vice Provost for Student and Academic Services & University Registrar 

Temple University

Bhavesh Bambhrolia

University Registrar

Texas A&M University-Central Texas  Tila Jernigan

Director of Military & Veteran Services 

Texas A&M University-Central Texas  Hannah McDonald University Registrar
Texas A&M University - Kingsville Michael R. Lugi

Director, Veteran Services Office

The University of Missouri

Brenda Selman

University Registrar

The University of Texas at Austin

Shelby Stanfield

Vice Provost and Registrar

The University of Texas at Austin

Kim Taylor

Associate Registrar

The University of Texas at Austin

Vasanth Srinivasa

SCO/Assistant Registrar

The University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth Castro 

SCO/Senior Administrative Associate

The University of Texas at Austin

Barbara Fehlman 

SCO/Senior Administrative Associate  

The University of Texas at Austin

Callie Hacker 

SCO/Administrative Assistant 

The University of Texas at Austin

Alma Nabhan 

SCO/Senior Administrative Associate 

The University of Texas at Austin

Laura Shaw 

SCO/Administrative Associate 

The University of Texas at Austin

Jeremiah Gunderson

Director of Student Veteran Services

The University of Texas at Austin

Ivan Vazquez

Student Veteran Advisor

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Joe DeCristoforo

Associate Vice President and University Registrar

University of Alaska Anchorage

John Johnson

Program Director, Military & Veteran Student Services

University of Arizona

Beth Acree

Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management and Registrar

University of Arkansas

Dean Kahler

Vice Chancellor

University of Florida 

Anthony DeSantis, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean of Students 

University of Florida 

Steve Pritz 

Assistant VP and University Registrar Division of Enrollment Management 

University of Florida 

Michael Kreeger 

SCO/Assistant Registrar 

University of Florida 

Jaclyn Wright 

SCO/ Veteran Services Coordinator II 

University of Florida 

Aaron Couture 

Student Veteran Services Coordinator III 

University of Maryland, College Park 

Adrian Cornelius 

University Registrar 

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Paul Robinson

Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar 

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 

Timothy Taylor

Associate Registrar 

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

Jennifer Peterson

Student Services Manager 

University of Missouri - Columbia 

Robert Ross 

Director, University of Missouri Veterans Center 

University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) 

Douglas Swink 


University of Missouri - Kansas City 

Amy Cole 

Associate Registrar 

University of North Dakota

Jessica Reule

Veteran & Nontraditional Student Coordinator

University of Notre Dame 

Jennie Brackett 

Assistant Registrar 

University of Phoenix

Audra McQuarie


University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 

Jan Von Ruden 

Associate Registrar 

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Scott Owczarek

University Registrar

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Joe Rasmussen

School Certifying Official

Washington and Lee University 

Scott Dittman 

University Registrar 

Weber State University 

Aaron Garza 

Associate Registrar