Catalog production

Official Publications publishes the University’s catalogs:

In general, new catalogs are created by modifying the previous catalog.

Administrative approval

Changes to policies described in the catalogs may require the approval of the contributor's vice president and the president of the University; changes to academic policies may require the approval of the Faculty Council, the provost or president, the University of Texas System, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. It is your responsibility to seek the necessary approvals and to meet all approval deadlines; if you are unsure whether a change needs further approval, contact your vice president before submitting your revised catalog copy.

Official Publications will track the approval process to ensure that only appropriately approved changes are included in the next catalog.

Course inventory changes should also be submitted at least one year prior to the publication of a catalog in order to be included in the catalog. For example, changes to be included in the 2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog should be submitted by fall 2015. 

All current catalogs and some older catalogs (beginning with 1994) are available online. The online catalogs are exact duplicates of the printed books, and except for minor corrections are not changed once they are published.

Official Publications can provide official catalog course descriptions for former and current students who require them for graduate school applications, certain kinds of licensure, and for other reasons.

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