Course inventory production

Official Publications maintains the University’s course inventory. The course inventory is the set of courses that the University is authorized to teach by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Here are some important facts about the course inventory:

  • A new course or a change to an existing course must be recorded in the inventory before it may appear in a University catalog or Course Schedule.
  • Changes to the course inventory can only be made by submitting requests to Official Publications via the online Course Inventory Management system (CIM).
  • Changes submitted and approved during the fall inventory editing cycle will be effective the following fall semester; changes submitted and approved during the spring inventory editing cycle will be effective the following spring semester.
  • You can view the most current course inventory information using the mainframe application *NRCRIN. To get authorization to view your courses in *NRCRIN contact Official Publications at

CIM must be used to submit all requests for changes to the course inventory. If you need to submit requests, here are some important facts:

  • Authorization is required for the system. To request authorization, contact Official Publications.
  • The system is open for two months during the fall semester, and for limited changes for one month during the spring semester.
  • Help buttons are available within CIM for information on how to properly complete the form.
  • A list of all current fields of study, in Course Schedule order, is also available.
  • Paper forms are not accepted.

Here are some important details about how the online request system works:

  • Requests are routed through designated department and college administrators for approval. Requests must be approved by all designated approvers by the close of the editing cycle.
  • Originators of requests are responsible for making sure that requests are completely approved by the deadline. All users can track the status and location of requests by accessing CIM and viewing the course inventory form, which displays the worfkflow status. You can view a list of the approvers within your academic unit by clicking the "preview workflow" link on the course inventory form in CIM. 
  • As a form moves through workflow, an email will automatically be generated and sent to the next approver in workflow.
  • Approvers may be designated to fill multiple roles within a routing scheme. If so, they will be required to approve requests more than once.
  • You can search for courses by field of study or by keyword accompanied by an asterisk (*).
  • The online system will only recognize existing fields of study. If you need to add a new field of study, you won’t be able to use the online system until the field is approved by the provost. Contact Official Publications for the necessary paperwork to create a new field of study.