Using waitlists

A waitlist helps students get open seats in closed classes; it won't guarantee a seat, but will wait for one to open up.

Want to manage a waitlist?

Administrators who use the RC screen in NRRECS can manage department waitlists.

Questions about lists.

How does a waitlist work? Currently, when a closed class reopens, students can get into the class if they are lucky enough to register at the moment the seats open up—but only during their access period. By contrast, Waitlisting will fill open seats with students from a class waitlist, and can do this outside of student access periods.

When are waitlists available? For administrators, the system is activated after the RC screens turn on but before registration begins. For students and instructors, lists are active from the start of registration through the fourth class day (second class day in summer), if they've been turned on by the department. After the fourth/second day, students need approval to add a class.

How do I get to my department's waitlists? Administrators can get to their lists through UT Direct » Academic Services » UT Registrar Waitlist System, where they can choose lists from any department which grants them RC access.

What can staff do with waitlists? You can see lists, turn lists on and off, remove students, email a list roster, track activity on and changes to a list, and track a student's activity on all lists for one semester. You can't add students to a list. Students must add themselves.

What can faculty do with waitlists? They can see lists for every class they teach, but can't work with lists in any way.

What can students do with waitlists? They can join up to two lists per course, and can have up to four active at any one time. On a personalized page called See My Waitlists, students can see their place on each list they're on, see system notices and errors, drop from their lists at any time, and can choose 'swap classes' to drop from their schedule if added to their waitlist classes.

Why should I turn a list on or off? A list isn't available to students unless it is on. You can turn a list on any time after the RC screen for its class becomes available. Turn a list on if your department wants a list offered for registration. Turn a list off if your department manipulates seatcounts to manage enrollment during orientation or in FIGs, since opening seats will add students from the list instead of the intended group. Such lists can be turned on again later, after enrollment commitments have been addressed.

  • While on, a list ranks students in the order they joined the list. If a seat opens in the class, it is filled by the first qualified student on the list.
  • While off, registration is suspended until the list is turned back on, or until all students are removed from the list. When a list without students is turned off, registration acts normally: an opened seat is filled with whomever registers next.

Can I work with lists on the mainframe? No. While you can see waitlist information on your RC screen, you can only work with them in UT Direct.

Can I still put a student directly into a class? Yes. You can put a student in a class with a PF1 override in NRTTVR. They will be dropped from the waitlist if they had joined it before the override.

Why won't anything happen to a class after I increase its seatcount? The seats won't fill up right away, because waitlisting changes group seatcounts overnight. Check the class tomorrow morning.

How can I get training in this system? Call us at the number below. We've made every effort to build an easy-to-use system, and we'll explain it one page at a time. If this won't meet your needs, let us know.

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