Room scheduling

The registrar schedules General-Purpose Classrooms, or GPCs, for campus units. Our GPC lists include room capacities and available media.

*Only current UT faculty and staff may reserve rooms through our office.*

Helpful Documents:
Room Reservation Request Form
Request to sponsor off-campus individuals or groups (RG 750)
RG 400 training presentation
Filming Permit Forms

GPCs by semester


The registrar serves as a convenient central scheduling unit for about sixty percent of the classrooms on campus. These rooms are called general-purpose classrooms, or GPCs, and are designated as such by explicit agreements between the academic deans, the provost, and our office. University policy is that classes and final exams have first priority in these rooms. Special reservation holders may not enter nor disrupt the preceding class or exam until it is finished using the GPC and must be ready to vacate the GPC for the class or exam in the following period, accordingly. This is especially important to keep in mind if your special reservation is being held in a large general-purpose classroom (100+ seats).

In addition to classes, we schedule thousands of special events every year supporting such things as review sessions, mid-term and final exams, University Extension courses, UIL, commencement, and many, many other events pursuant to the University’s mission statement. Requests for rooms may be submitted as early as the user can identify them (to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page).  We process requests a couple of weeks prior to the semester in order to allow for maximum flexibility in offering courses.

Final exam and no-class days.

Please go to our final exams page for information regarding scheduling on official university final exam and no-class days.

Faculty and staff use.

Faculty and staff may find rooms via our room scheduling system, and may then call to make university-related reservations of general-purpose classrooms. To gain access to our system, attend a one-hour training session by signing up for TXClass RG 400. If you have already attended training you may refresh your memory with the RG 400 training presentation.

Student use.

To use campus facilities, registered student organizations must contact the Dean of Students’ Student Activities. Groups which are not currently registered may not make reservations. Students wishing to reserve rooms for study sessions must do so through staff or faculty in their academic unit.

Off-campus individuals, groups, and special permissions.

Requests to sponsor:

  • individuals who are not UT students, faculty, or staff;
  • groups that are not registered UT student, faculty, or staff organizations;
  • or associations or corporations

to use University property or buildings (including General-Purpose Classrooms) must be approved by the Provost prior to an invitation being extended to the external party. See Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 80105 for more information. In order to obtain this approval, please fill out our Request to sponsor off-campus individuals or groups (RG 750) and forward it as instructed on the form.

Filming on the University of Texas at Austin campus is regulated and can require a permit:

General information about media contacts.

Reservations through our office are for classroom space only; requests for media or other types of support should be directed as follows:

Media contacts by college.

If your reservation is in:

Your media support contact is:


McCombs School of Business, 232-6679


College of Communication, 471-1199


College of Education, 471-3234


Cockrell School of Engineering, 232-2486


College of Liberal Arts, 471-9666


College of Natural Sciences, 232-9173


College of Pharmacy, 471-3857

Reserving outdoor space and/or hallways/corridors

If you wish to hold an event outdoors or need to use hallway space outside of the rooms you have reserved, you must coordinate the use of these spaces with the appropriate office.

All requests for outdoor space and the Jester concourse (JES A101HL) are handled by the Dean of Students office.

Use of the hallways in Welch Hall (WEL 1.300, 2.200, and 2.300), must be arranged through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry chair’s office at 471-3949. Reservation of Welch Hall General Purpose Classrooms does not imply reservations of the hallways.

Other hallways and corridors will be reserved by the academic or administrative unit most closely associated with the space in question. Please feel free to call us if you have questions about which unit to contact to reserve these spaces.

Departments who wish to have their contact information listed here should contact us at the link below and we’ll be happy to add the pertinent information.

Life safety code and help with opening rooms.

Provisions in the Life Safety Code prohibit the occupancy of any classroom in excess of the designated seating capacity. Responsibility for assuring compliance with the safety code rests with the user of the room who may be cited for violations.

In our normal processes we notify Facilities Services of all reservations and they unlock our classrooms 24/7 based on reservations in our online system. If your room is not open, contact Facilities Service Center line at 471-2020. Please note that these offices are only authorized to open rooms that have been properly reserved through our system.

Resolving scheduling conflicts.

Occasionally there are scheduling conflicts in classrooms, however, 99% of these are because someone has simply gone to the wrong room or they have reserved the room, but on a different day. In light of this, being polite and courteous while resolving the conflict goes a long way.

If you find someone else in “your” room, the best practice is to politely gather information about the identity of the other person or group so that we can research the problem afterwards and then you or the other party should locate a nearby available room and use it. Afterwards, please send an e-mail with the details including the names of both parties at your earliest convenience. Since the vast majority of perceived scheduling conflicts are in fact simple mistakes, it is generally impossible for us to research what happened without having the name of the other party.

Contact us

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