Planning your schedule

The key to successful registration is planning. Use these resources to make your preferred class selections in advance, while keeping an eye on how they fit into the big picture.

Find your preferred schedule using UT Planner.

Search for, create, and save a variety of personalized schedule options based on your preferred courses and scheduling breaks using this new service.

Please note: UT Planner is a planning tool only.

You are not guaranteed registration in the classes you choose due to closing limits, prerequisites, and other reservations and changes. Meet with your adviser and consult the Online Course Schedule before registering. You will still need to register via the online registration system at your designated time.

Courses and instructors

The Course Schedule provides detailed information on registration procedures, access times, and course offerings. The schedule becomes available about two weeks before the beginning of registration each semester.

You can see how students have rated the courses and instructors you are considering at Course/Instructor Survey Results.

Stay on track

Keep an eye on your goals for graduation. Learn about degree and departmental requirements in the appropriate University Catalog. Check progress toward your degree with IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit, and take advantage of academic advising.