Using your registration information sheet

Your registration information sheet lists your addresses, advising information, access times, and registration bars. Log in using your eid to view it.

Check your registration information sheet about two weeks before registration.

What’s on your registration information sheet?

Your addresses. The information sheet shows the current local, permanent, and email addresses you have on file at the university. Tuition bills, reminders, and other important information will be sent to your email and mailing addresses, so be sure to update them when they change.

Your advising information. Your registration information sheet displays important advising information, including your current standing, majors, completed hours (including transfer credits), cumulative gpa, and TSI status. Current coursework is not included in classification.

Your access times. Your information sheet lists all times you’re eligible to access the web registration system in the current access period.

If you are a current undergraduate student, your access times are assigned to you based on your progress toward your degree at the time your registration record is created, and are not updated automatically when you claim test credit, or when transfer work is applied to your record. See your adviser if you have questions about your progress toward your degree.

Your bars. Your information sheet will list any registration bars that might prevent you from registering. You must clear all bars before you're allowed to access the registration system.