Finishing registration

Pay your bill.

Your registration is not complete unless you pay your tuition and fees or confirm attendance by the payment deadline. Pay in full or use the installment plan (except in summer). You may pay online or in person. For payment details, visit Student Accounts Receivable or the Course Schedule.

Use add/drop to change your schedule.

Students who have registered and paid in a previous period may change their schedules by adding or dropping classes. Visit the Course Schedule and select When to Register for a schedule of registration and add/drop access times. For rules about adding and dropping classes visit the General Information Catalog.

Stay on track.

Keep an eye on your graduation goals. Learn about degree and departmental requirements in the appropriate University Catalog. Check progress toward your degree with IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit, and take advantage of academic advising.

Withdraw, if necessary.

Consult the General Information Catalog for policies and procedures related to withdrawing from the University.

Still have questions? Read our questions about registration or call for help at 512 475-7656.