Hazlewood Exemption

The Texas Veterans Commission administers a state benefit entitled the Hazlewood Act. Eligibility for Hazlewood is determined by the institution granting the exemption. Students who qualify under the Hazlewood Act are exempted from paying tuition and required fees, provided such students are enrolled in state-funded courses. Examples of courses which do not qualify for the Hazlewood exemption include but are not limited to affiliated studies, University Extension, and executive education (option III) graduate programs. The exemption is based on the hours you are enrolled in, and not the amount of the tuition itself.

Apply for the Hazlewood exemption and upload your documents on the UT Austin Hazlewood Application and Status webpage. All documents uploaded must be legible. We prefer you apply and upload your documents by the census date, but you must do so by 5 p.m. of the last class day as published in the academic calendar, for the semester being requested. Note that you must pay your tuition by the tuition deadline on your online tuition bill, which is not the same as the Hazlewood deadline. Additional information is provided further below.

If you are using the Hazlewood exemption and VA education benefits concurrently ("stacking" your benefits), you must also complete the online GI Bill® Questionnaire by that deadline. First-time applications must include a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA on both the online GI Bill® Questionnaire and the Hazlewood Application and Status Page.

You must be in a degree-seeking program and

Although Veteran Certification performs the initial review, SAR has the final approval. In the event SAR notifies you that you do not qualify, direct your questions to SAR.

It takes up to 15 business days from the date your forms are uploaded to process a request for exemption, after which SAR posts it to your tuition bill. We urge you to submit your forms at least four weeks before the tuition deadline to give us the opportunity to process the exemption before your tuition is due. You must follow the prompts on My Tuition Bill to complete your registration, even if you owe a zero balance ($0). If the exemption is not posted by the tuition deadline, be prepared to make other arrangements for payment. Your tuition bill should state, **Your registration is complete and your courses are secured.**  If you do not take this step, your courses will be cancelled and you must register again.  The Hazlewood exemption does not cover late registration fees.

If you qualify for both the Post-9/11 GI Bill® and the Hazlewood exemption, you must use your VA benefits first.  Any remaining tuition that can be exempted under the Hazlewood Exemption will be processed after the census date (12th class day in the fall and spring, 4th class day in the summer) and after your Post-9/11 tuition amount is finalized.

Contact us

  • Main Building room 16, Veteran Certification M5509 | off campus: The University of Texas at Austin, Office of the Registrar, Veteran Certification, PO Box 7216, Austin TX 78713-7216
  • hazlewood@austin.utexas.edu
  • phone 512-475-7540
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