Registration bars and testing

A bar is a restriction placed on your record that prevents registration. Any bars you may have will be listed on your registration information sheet. Kinds of bars that may appear include:

  • Financial. In most cases, financial bars may be paid in cash or by check at the cashier's office in Main Building room 8, or cleared online at the What I Owe page.
  • Nonfinancial. You must resolve a nonfinancial bar in person at the administrative office that imposed it. 
  • Advising. Many majors require students to be advised before registering for classes. Check your registration information sheet or consult the Advising and Major Codes section of the Course Schedule to see if your major department requires advising.

What you should know about testing. Check your registration information sheet to see if you’ve satisfied Texas Success Initiative requirements. Some classes require placement tests before registration. See Student Testing Services for details.

If you have earned credit by examination, you must petition online through Student Testing Services to have the credit appear on your transcript. When will your transcript be updated?

  • Entering Freshmen. If you have not yet started coursework, your petitioned credit will not appear on your transcript until the first class day. 
  • Continuing and former students. Petitioned credits are reported to the registrar's office at 1 a.m. each Monday, unless there is a holiday, and added to your transcript each Tuesday.