A student who wishes to withdraw from all University classes after completing registration for a semester must secure the dean's approval. All summer sessions are part of a single summer semester. A student who is a minor must present a written statement from a parent, guardian, or sponsor indicating that the responsible person knows of the student's intent to withdraw. In addition, international students must have permission from the International Office to withdraw. The dean's permit to withdraw must be submitted to the registrar. The student may be issued a refund in accordance with University policy in the General Information Catalog. Refunds are mailed to the student’s local address or deposited into the account the student has designated if an electronic funds transfer authorization is in effect.

After the last day for withdrawing, around midsemester, an undergraduate student may petition for withdrawal only for urgent, substantiated, nonacademic reasons. Nonmedical withdrawal by an undergraduate student on scholastic probation may affect the student's scholastic standing. Learn more about scholastic probation and dismissal in the General Information Catalog.

A graduate student in good standing may withdraw with the approval of the graduate dean through the last class day of the semester. A graduate student who is in warning status may not withdraw without the recommendation of the graduate adviser and the approval of the graduate dean. Learn more about withdrawing for graduate students.