Paying tuition and fees

Finishing Registration

Finish registration by making a payment, paying with financial aid, or confirming attendance if your bill is zero. If you do not complete your registration by the deadline, your incomplete registration is canceled and you won’t have access to University services.

Tuition Payment
You have not finished registration until your tuition has been paid in full or you have confirmed attendance. In the spring or fall, you may pay in installments. Installment payments are not available in summer. Visit Student Accounts Receivable for details about paying online, by mail, or in person.

Zero tuition bills
Even if your tuition bill is $0.00, you must go to My Tuition Bill to confirm your attendance and complete your registration.

When is my payment due?

Your payment deadline is shown on your My Tuition Bill page. Once there, log into the system using your eid. You need to make payment before 5pm of the day of your deadline or your registration will be canceled.