Questions about restricting my info

How do I fix what's seen by the public?

Use our Restrict My Info system to

  • Mark each item you don't want made public;
  • Approve those changes by pressing Update, and
  • Review your data's new setup.

Here are answers to questions about your information, where it appears, and how to choose what's open to the public using the registrar's Restrict My Info system.

What's directory information? It's info about you that the university can reveal without your permission, and is made up of the following items.

  • Your name and phone number, email, local and permanent addresses, uteid public username, birthplace, and major fields of study;
  • Your classification, enrollment status, degrees, awards and honors, the dates you attended UT and when you expect to graduate, and the last college or school you attended before coming here; and
  • Your participation in official activities and sports, your height and weight if you play on a team, your parking info, the dates you've worked at UT as a student, and your student job title. (These last five items are kept by university offices other than the registrar's.)

What's student record information? This is nonpublic data that includes all educational records other than directory information.

When does the directory appear online? Every weeknight the online phonebook at is updated by Information Technology Services. » to top

What are open records requests? These are requests made in accordance with state law. Through the Texas Public Information Act, the university must provide directory information about you whenever such a request is made.

What is Blackboard? It's course management software that lets faculty talk to and work and share files with students in realtime chats, threaded discussions, and class email. |

What is Ferpa? Ferpa is a federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) that addresses the release of and access to directory information found in student educational records. » to top

How is my info seen by the public? Unless you've restricted its release, it's seen in the following ways.

How do I change what's seen? Use the registrar's Restrict My Info system to

  • Mark each item you don't want released to the public or shown in print, online, or in Webspace;
  • Approve those changes by pressing the Update button, and
  • Review your data's new availability.

Do I have to restrict all my info to make my name confidential? Unfortunately, yes. Since your name is used by many services to identify you, make it confidential by making all directory information so. » to top

When is my information available? When you release it by using our system. When labeled Available on the right page, it may be seen by the public.

When is my info restricted? If labeled Restricted on the correct page of the system, an info item isn't shown to the general public through direct requests, open record requests, or online directory. (People with official reasons will still be allowed to to see your information.)

What does it mean to opt out of a service? To 'opt out' is to restrict all directory information provided by a particular service, such as the online directory -- but only that service. In a Ferpa restriction, you globally restrict all directory information contained in Restrict My Info.  » to top

What does Not Currently Enrolled mean? This means our records show you aren't registered for university classes at the present time.

What about Never Been Enrolled? This means our records indicate you have never registered, paid for, and attended classes at the university.

Who do I contact with questions? Call or visit the Registrar's Office in Main Bldg room 16 at 512 475-7644.