Your official student address

About your address

Official student addresses are maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

How is my address used?

Generally, mail sent during a semester goes to your local address, and mail sent between semesters goes to your permanent address.

When you register, Student Accounts Receivable emails registration fee bills to the email address you designate at that time.

If you're an international student with F-1 or J-1 status who changes your address, US immigration regulations require you to update the university within ten days of the change. (Since the university notifies immigration authorities of any address changes, this notice fulfills your legal obligation to submit the information personally. Also, remember that those regulations require a physical or street address rather than a PO Box or office address.)

Items we send to your email address

  • Original fee bills
  • Installment bills
  • Financial aid notification

Items we mail to your local address

  • All financial aid checks after your first one
  • Refund checks, if direct deposit authorization is not on file
  • Financial aid notification, if currently enrolled
  • Degree candidate letters
  • Library notices and statements

Things we'll send to your permanent address

  • Final grades for the semester
  • Your initial financial aid check
  • Diplomas
  • Financial aid notification, if you are not currently enrolled
  • Tuition rebate checks, if direct deposit authorization is not on file

Is my address kept private?

Since your student addresses are part of 'directory information,' they are not confidential. As directory information, the addresses are released to the public in accordance with federal law and university regulations. Local addresses and phone numbers appear at in the online directory kept by Information Technology Services.  If there is no local address in your student record, the online directory will display your permanent address unless you restrict it.

You may restrict access to your directory information in person in the registrar's office in Main Bldg room 1. The restriction remains in effect until you remove it in person in our office.

How can I change my address?

You can't make changes by email or phone, but may change your own local, permanent, and email addresses in these ways:

  • Through the secure online site Address Change.
  • By mailing a letter to our office -- indicating that the change is to your local address, your permanent one, or both -- that includes your name, signature, and eid or date of birth, sent to

    University of Texas at Austin
    Office of the Registrar: Records
    PO Box 7216
    Austin TX 78713-7216

  • By faxing the letter described above to our office at 512 475-7515.
  • By visiting the Registrar's Office in Main Bldg room 16 in person. You need to show your photo id.