Grade point average

Student GPAs appear on official transcripts and grade reports. A transcript shows both undergraduate and graduate GPAs.

No official grade point average is calculated by the registrar for students enrolled in the School of Law.

For undergraduates

The cumulative University grade point average for an undergraduate includes all work undertaken at the University for which a letter grade is recorded, including credit by examination, correspondence, and extension. A course in which a symbol, rather than a grade, is recorded is not included. Credit hours transferred from another institution are not included.

Credit earned by examination, correspondence, or extension is not included in calculation of an undergraduate student's current-semester grade point average.

For graduate students

The cumulative grade point average for a graduate student includes all graduate courses taken in residence, certain upper-division undergraduate courses taken in residence, and all graduate extension courses taken while enrolled in the Graduate School, for which a letter grade has been recorded. Not included are lower-division courses, upper-division courses taken in the fall of 1999 through the summer of 2008, coursework completed by correspondence, courses in which credit was earned by examination, undergraduate-level extension courses, and recital, thesis, report, dissertation, and treatise courses. A course in which a symbol, rather than a grade, is recorded is not included.

See General Information for details about course numbering, credit value, and rank.

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