Terms used in IDA 2.0

Terms you will see when using IDA 2.0

Alias Course:
when one course is used in place of another to fulfill the requirement the alias is displayed
a report of your progress toward satisfying degree requirements
an official university publication containing the requirements for degrees offered at UT Austin. Catalogs are identified by the two-year period for which they were published. Students should consult their adviser if they are uncertain of their eligibility to graduate under the requirements of a specific catalog.
a type of audit. A certified audit is prepared in your dean's office to ensure that you have fulfilled the degree requirements printed in a catalog to which you have a legitimate claim. It is one component of your dean's review of your eligibility to graduate and the most official type of audit.
Core Curriculum:
a set of course requirements required of all students graduating from the university.
Credit Hours:
the number of hours of credit a course is worth.
the courses or hours that are counting for that requirement
Curriculum Flags:
in the process of fulfilling the core curriculum and other degree requirements, undergraduates complete courses with significant content in the following six areas:
Curriculum Flags
Flag Abbreviation Flag Name Flag Abbreviation Flag Name
WR Writing QR Quantitative Reasoning
GC Global Cultures CD Cultural Diversity in The United States
EL Ethics & Leadership II Independent Inquiry
electronic ID. Your UT EID and password allow you to use secure UT services on the web.
courses for which you have registered in an upcoming semester.
grade point average
the grade associated with one course
Valid Grades
Grade # of points Grade # of points
A 4.00 C 2.00
A- 3.67 C- 1.67
B+ 3.33 D+ 1.33
B 3.00 D 1.00
B- 2.67 D- 0.67
C+ 2.33 F 0
Symbols In Grading
Symbol Meaning  
CR Credit
I Permanent incomplete (grad students)
NC No credit
Q Course dropped
S Satisfactory (Developmental Studies courses)
U Unsatisfactory (Developmental Studies courses)
W Withdrawal from all courses for semester
X Temporary delay in assignment of final grade
Z Enrolled on pass/fail (undergrad) or credit/no credit (grad) basis
School Codes
Code School Code School
ARCH Architecture BUSD Business
COMM Communication EDUC Education
ENGR Engineering COFA Fine Arts
GEOS Geosciences COLA Liberal Arts
NASC Natural Sciences NURS Nursing
PHAR Pharmacy SSW1 Social Work
UGRD Undergraduate Studies GBUS Graduate Business
the semester in which course was undertaken
describes the status of a course
Course Types
Type Meaning
Transfer course transferred from another institution.
Credit by exam a course earned through UT Austin credit by exam.
Classroom Extension a course completed through UT Austin extension studies in the classroom environment.
Online Extension a course completed through UT Austin extension studies in the online environment.
In-Residence courses completed in residence at UT Austin.
Transfer-CBE/Misc courses transferred to UT Austin that were credit by exam or a miscellaneous category at another school
In Progress:
counting courses you are enrolled in at the time the audit is submitted
what is required to fulfill the requirement
courses projected to be taken in future semester (added to your planner)
indication that a degree requirement can be met with multiple combinations of courses.
combination of degree program and catalog based on declared major.
Progress toward degree:
an estimation based on your coursework of the percentage of your degree you have completed
the hours or courses required to meet a requirement
a four character abbreviation that identifies the school in which you were enrolled at the time you finished the course.
a five-digit number that identifies individual sections of courses offered by UT Austin