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J. Douglas Clayton, Chairman
CAL 415, F3600, 471-3607

Students entering the University of Texas at Austin with a deficiency in foreign language should check with the dean of their college or school to determine which course credit used to remove a deficiency may not be counted toward the degree. All students with some knowledge of Russian, however acquired, who wish to enroll for the first time in a University of Texas at Austin course in this language must take the Russian Proficiency Test with UT Austin Russian Grammar Achievement Test. A schedule of administration dates for this test may be obtained from the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032).

Czech - CZ - undergraduate courses
Czech - CZ - graduate courses

Russian - RUS - undergraduate courses
Russian - RUS - graduate courses

Slavic - SLA - undergraduate courses
Slavic - SLA - graduate courses

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