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Randy L. Diehl, Chair: MEZ 330, B3800
Undergraduate Office: MEZ 206, 471-4410
Graduate Office: MEZ 312, 471-3785

PSY 301 RESEARCH REQUIREMENT. Students enrolled in PSY 301 must fulfill a research requirement consisting of either participation in psychological research studies as a subject or writing a paper on psychological research, in addition to class work.

- ALL COURSES. All students must have credit for PSY 301 with a grade of at least C before taking any other psychology course.

- UPPER-DIVISION COURSES. All students must have completed 60 semester hours of coursework, including at least one statistics class with a grade of at least C before taking any upper-division psychology course. (Courses which fulfill the statistics requirement include PSY 317, PSY 418, SOC 317L, S W 318, EDP 371, M 316, STA 309, ECO 329, GOV 350K, and GOV 350L.)

For psychology majors, the statistics requirement must be fulfilled by completion of PSY 418 with a grade of at least C. Students may not enroll in PSY 418 a second time without written permission of a departmental adviser. Students may not enroll in PSY 418 more than twice.

For updates to course offerings and information regarding class availability, consult the online Course Schedule via utAccess or the World Wide Web ( For detailed course descriptions, consult the departmental web pages.

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