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For all Bachelor of Science in Physics degree majors who have studied chemistry in high school and who do not have credit for CH 301 or its equivalent, the University of Texas at Austin Test for Credit in Chemistry 301 is required. Contact the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032), for further information.

The Department of Physics offers the following introductory course sequences:

PHY 301/316/315 is a calculus-based course sequence for physics majors and students in other scientific disciplines. A background in physics at the high school level is strongly recommended. If a deficiency exists, the recommended remedial course is PHY 306.

PHY 302K/302L is a noncalculus-based technical course sequence for students who need to fulfill a general physics requirement.

PHY 303K/303L is a calculus-based introductory course sequence for engineering students. Four evening exams will be scheduled during the semester: Wednesday evenings for PHY 303K and Tuesday evenings for PHY 303L. Students who register for either of these courses should not register for any other Tuesday or Wednesday evening classes to avoid time conflicts.

PHY 306 is a preparatory course for students who have not taken high school physics and who have a weak mathematics background. PHY 306 is especially recommended for engineering students who score less than 620 on the SAT II: Mathematics Level I test taken after April 1, 1995 (or students taking the College Board Achievement Test in Mathematics Level I or SAT II: Mathematics Level I before April 1, 1995, scoring below 600). PHY 306 may not be used to fulfill the area C requirement.

PHY 309K/309L is an introduction to physics for students with a high-school-level algebra proficiency who do not intend to do further work in natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, or medicine.

PHY 317K/317L is a calculus-based introductory physics course sequence designed and intended for premedical students and others in the biomedical sciences.

Note: All introductory physics courses, with the exception of PHY 104, 306, 108, 309K, 309L, and 110C, have accompanying laboratories which must be taken concurrently with these courses unless the student has already received credit for the laboratory.

Only one of the following first-semester courses may be counted without prior approval of the department: PHY 301, 302K, 303K, 309K (or 609A), 317K. Only one of the following second-semester courses may be counted without prior approval of the department: PHY 302L, 303L, 309L (or 609B), 316, 317L.

Complete prerequisites for undergraduate physics courses are given in chapter 9 of The Undergraduate Catalog; prerequisites for graduate physics courses are given in the catalog of the Graduate School.

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