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P. R. Antoniewicz
Student Office: RLM 5.216, C1600, 471-8856

Physical science courses 303, 304, and 367M are conducted by the inquiry laboratory method of instruction. In this method, the student makes direct observations of nature and is led by questions to infer the conclusions logically permitted by the observations. The instructor is carefully trained NOT to tell students what to expect or conclude, but, instead, to ask other leading questions or to suggest further tests of a student's tentative conclusion. These courses are especially recommended for future teachers.

Enrollment is limited to twenty-two students per section to allow the instructor to interact adequately with each student.

Grades in inquiry laboratory courses are determined by students' scores on quizzes and the final examination and the instructor's evaluation of student's deductive reasoning ability, class participation, and performance of required class activities.

Students who prefer a more traditional presentation of physical science subject matter (i.e., the normal lecture method) should choose a course such as PHY 309K, 309L, or one of the PHY 311 or 341 topics. Students with a background in trigonometry should consider enrolling in PHY 302K and 302L.

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