Course Offerings UT COURSE SCHEDULE, Summer '98


Timothy Schallert, Graduate Adviser
P.O. Box F, 78713-7266, 471-3640
Rueben Gonzales, Assistant Graduate Adviser
P.O. Box F, 78713-7266, 471-5192
Mary Susan Weinrich, Graduate Coordinator
P.O. Box F, 78713-7266, 471-3640

Neuroscience is an inderdisciplinary M.A. and Ph.D. program taught by faculty in the Colleges of Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Education, and Communication. Consult advisers in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, zoology, microbiology, botany, psychology, linguistics, biomedical engineering, kinesiology and health education, and speech communication, as well as the graduate adviser listed above.

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