Course Offerings UT COURSE SCHEDULE, Summer '98


Patrick Jaillet, Chair
Robert A. Prentice, Associate Chair
John R. Mote, Associate Chair
CBA 5.202, B6500, 471-3322

Enrollment in undergraduate courses in the Department of Management Science and Information Systems is restricted to business students.

Nonbusiness majors whose degree programs specifically require an upper-division business course may take the required course. Students who find that they cannot add the course via TEX should check with the undergraduate dean's office, CBA 2.314, for verification of eligibility to take the course. Enrollment exception petitions must be submitted prior to the twelfth class day (fourth class day in summer).
MIS 311F and LEB 320F (Business Foundations Program courses) are open only to nonbusiness students. Business Foundations Program courses may not be counted toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Students are expected to meet course prerequisites. A student who has not met the stated prerequisites may be dropped from the course.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, evening examinations lasting from one to three hours may be held at times announced in advance through the class syllabus, which the instructor must furnish the first week of regularly scheduled classes.

Legal Environment of Business - LEB - undergraduate courses
Legal Environment of Business - LEB - graduate courses

Management Information Systems - MIS - undergraduate courses
Management Information Systems - MIS - graduate courses

Statistics - STA - undergraduate courses
Statistics - STA - graduate courses

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