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Nicolas Shumway, Director
SRH 1.314E, D0800, 471-5551

Students who wish to register for LAS 379 must obtain the consent of the undergraduate adviser (SRH 1.303); those who wish to register for LAS 679HA must obtain the written consent of the Honors Program adviser (SRH 1.303), and those who wish to register for LAS 382, 397R, 698A, or 398R must obtain the consent of the graduate adviser (SRH 1.301). Students who have not obtained the appropriate consent BEFORE registering will be dropped from the class.

It is imperative that students registering for LAS 379, 679HA, 382, 397R, 698A, 698B, or 398R inform the student office (SRH 1.301) of the name of the instructor with whom they will be studying. This should be done during registration or by the second week of classes at the latest; otherwise, a grade cannot be assigned for the course.

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