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Carolyn P. Boyd, Chair
Shearer Davis Bowman, Associate Chair
Undergraduate Advising Office: GAR 118C, 471-7670
Graduate Office: GAR 103, 471-6421
Main Office: GAR 101, B7000, 471-3261
FAX: 475-7222

Alternatives for satisfying the six-semester-hour legislative requirement for American (US) history include the following: large and small sections of HIS 314K, 315K, 315L, and 316L; designated sections of certain lower and upper-division courses (see course notelines); the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in United States history; and the University of Texas at Austin Tests for Credit in HIS 315K and 315L. Three semester hours of Texas history may be substituted for half of the legislative requirement for American (US) history.

Since the courses taken to meet the legislative requirement are not electives, they may not be taken on the pass/fail basis. The prerequisite for HIS 315K and 315L is fifteen semester hours of coursework. Consent of instructor may be required for specified sections of HIS 350L. Course descriptions are posted across from GAR 118.

Information about credit by examination may be obtained from the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032).

No student may register for a graduate course in history without the approval of the graduate adviser in history, GAR 103.

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