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All students with some knowledge of German, however acquired, who enroll for the first time in a University of Texas at Austin German course must take the SAT II: German with Listening Test plus UT Austin supplementary items on German to determine the appropriate course for which they should register. Test results also serve as the basis for awarding credit (students may choose letter grade or credit only) in one or more of the following courses: GER 506, 507, 312K, 312L. Placement tests, which are administered by the Measurement and Evaluation Center, will be given only at scheduled times immediately prior to registration and during summer orientation sessions. Contact the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032), for a schedule of test dates.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. Under provisions of the most recent college and school catalogs, the foreign language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts, Plan I, is the attainment of a fourth-semester proficiency in the foreign language. The courses normally used to satisfy this proficiency in German are 310, 612, or 312L. These fourth-semester courses may, with consent of the the German undergraduate adviser, be taken concurrently with GER 312K. Only GER 310 or 312L will count toward satisfaction of the foreign language requirement, but both may be taken if the student wants the second course for elective credit.

In addition to the four-semester sequence of courses in German, a new two-semester sequence is available as Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Yiddish 604 and 612. These accelerated courses correspond to the old 506, 507, 312K, 312L sequence in those languages; they enable the student to fulfill the foreign language requirement in two semesters. For information about upper-division courses in these languages, contact the appropriate instructor.

(a) GER 506F, 507F, 412F (summer session only). Students who finish the intensive sequence (GER 506F, 507F, and 412F) will have completed three semesters' work toward fulfillment of the foreign language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts, Plan I (see above). Those who complete 412F with a grade of A are eligible to receive credit for 312L by examination (advanced standing). Students who register for the intensive sequence in German may not register for other courses in the summer session.

(b) GER 604 (fall semester). Highly motivated students may enroll for this one-semester intensive course covering the first year's work in German. They should limit their enrollment in other courses accordingly. GER 604 stresses writing and reading over listening and speaking.

(c) GER 612 (spring semester). Open to highly motivated students with credit for GER 507 or 604, this course provides the content of 312K and 312L. Students who enroll in GER 612 should limit their enrollment in other courses accordingly. GER 612 stresses writing and reading over listening and speaking.

(d) GER 507R, 312R, 312S (spring semester only). For qualified students, an intensive sequence consisting of GER 507R, 312R, and 312S is offered in the spring. Students must earn an A in GER 506 to be considered for this program. Qualified students will be invited by the department to apply for the program.

GERMANIC CIVILIZATION COURSES. All Germanic civilization courses are taught in English with English-language texts. Except for GRC 301 (Introductory Topics in Germanic Civilization), all GRC courses are upper-division. Many GRC courses satisfy the Area D requirement for the Bachelor of Arts, Plan I; GRC 323E, however, does not satisfy the requirement. Germanic civilization courses may not be counted toward a major in German or toward fulfillment of the foreign language requirement for any bachelor's degree.

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