UT Course Schedule, Summer 1998

Writing Courses

Writing courses offered by the following colleges and schools are listed on this page. For a link to courses in other divisions, return to the Writing Courses Menu.

College of Business Administration
College of Communication
College of Engineering
College of Fine Arts

College of Business Administration

Department of Accounting
ACC s362 Auditing and Control-W
Department of Finance
FIN f370 Integrative Finance-W Hughes
Department of Management
MAN f374Managerial Pol and Strategy-W
Department of Management Science
and Information Systems

MIS f324Busn Comm: Oral and Written-WAll sections
MIS s324Busn Comm: Oral and Written-W All sections
Department of Marketing Administration
MKT f370 Marketing Policies-W Miller

College of Communication

Department of Advertising
ADV f370J Advertising Management-W Burns
ADV s370J Advertising Management-W Cunningham
Department of Journalism
J f327 Feature Writing-W Lasorsa;Sylvie;Burd
J f343R Advanced Broadcast News-W Schultz
J f348 Writing for Public Relations-W
J f352International Reporting-WAlves
J f359Mass Media and Minorities-WDe Uriarte
J s327Feature Writing-W
J s348 Writing for Public Relations-W Durham
J s377K Public Relations Campaigns-W Anderson
Department of Radio-Television-Film
RTF f330K Intro to Research Methods-W Wilkins
RTF f333Broadcast and Film Writing I-WLaub; Newcomb
RTF f370 Modern Horror-W Schatz
Department of Speech Communication
SPE f350K Organizational Communicaton-W Scott
SPE f367 Performance, Drama, and Film-W Miller
SPE f361K Performance of Dramatic Lit-W Jones

College of Engineering

Department of Aerospace Engineering
and Engineering Mechanics

ASE w363Q Dsgn and Test of Ase Struct-W
ASE w369K Measurmnts and Instrumentatn-W
Department of Chemical Engineering
CHE n333T Technical Communication-W Hurley
CHE f264 Che Process and Projects Lab-W Rao
Department of Civil Engineering
C E n333T Technical Communication-W Fenlon
C E n377K Biotech Revol: Ethical Issue-W Maxey
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
E E n333T Technical Communication-W Beer (2 sections)
E E w160 Spec Probs in Elec/Comp Engr-W
E E n360 Spec Probs in Elec/Comp Engr-W Beer
E E w464H Elec Engr Honors Projects-W Womack
E E w464K Electrical Engr Projects Lab-W Womack (4 sections)
E E n367L 4-Biotech Rev: Ethical Iss-W Maxey
Department of Mechanical Engineering
M E n333T Technical Communication-W Moore (4 sections)
M E w366J Mech Engr Design Methodology-W Crawford, R (2 sections)
M E n379M Biotech Revol: Ethical Issue-W Maxey
Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
PGE f333T Technical Communication-W Hurley

College of Fine Arts

Department of Art and Art History
ARH s339M American Art Since 1960-W Clarke
School of Music
MUS f3071-Music of Black Americans-WGoosman
MUS f3426-Mus of E & Southeast Asia-WSlawek
MUS f354 Musical Devel of Children-W Jellison
MUS s338 J S Bach and His Work-W

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