UT Course Schedule, Summer 1998 Registration Worksheet

This worksheet is intended for use with the detailed instructions found in Registration Procedure Details. If you register by telephone, be prepared to respond promptly to instructions during your registration call. You will need to know your student identification number, your personal identification number (PIN), the unique numbers of your preferred and alternate course selections, and the code numbers for the optional fees you want. (Initially, your PIN will be the 6 digits corresponding to your birthdate, e.g., 010877 for January 8, 1977.) The transaction and optional fee codes below are required for registration on TEX. If you register via the Web, you will need to know your UT EID and password and the unique numbers of your preferred and alternate course selections. If you plan to clear your financial bars or pay your tuition and fees by MasterCard or VISA, you will need your card number and its expiration date.

We have provided a worksheet that you may want to print out, along with this page, to help you choose courses and optional fees before you call.

TEX: (512) 475-9800

WEB: http://www.utexas.edu/student/registrar/registration/

HELPLINE: (512) 475-7656


1 to DROP a course DEPENDENT UPON successfully
ADDING another course
2 to REGISTER for or ADD a course
3 to DROP a course
4 to CHANGE registration in a course to or from the
5 to CHANGE OPTIONAL FEE selection
6 to LIST YOUR SCHEDULE by course abbreviation,
course number, and unique number
8 to CALCULATE or PAY tuition and fees and END the call
9 to END the call
* to CLEAR and REENTER a partially entered response


See Optional Fee Selections for fee descriptions.
30 for C parking permit
31 for M parking permit
33 for Analecta literary journal 7.00
40 for Student Insurance information
66 to LIST your optional fees
99 to EXIT and SAVE after fee selection
or bypass optional fees

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