UT Course Schedule, Summer 1998 FEE adjustments

Section 54.006(e) of the Texas Education Code requires that the University refund tuition and fees paid by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship to the source rather than directly to the student who has withdrawn, if the funds were made available through the University.


Refunds for students who withdraw from the University are based on the effective withdrawal date and are calculated according to the percentages given below.

Official withdrawal date Percentage refunded

Prior to the first class day 100% less $15 matriculation fee
During the first through the fifth class day 80%
During the sixth through the tenth class day 70%
During the eleventh through the fifteenth class day 50%
During the sixteenth through the twentieth class day 25%
After the twentieth class day None

Official withdrawal date Percentage refunded

Prior to the first class day 100% less $15 matriculation fee
During the first, second, or third class day 80%
During the fourth, fifth, or sixth class day 50%
After the sixth class day None

Refund percentages apply to tuition and required fees. Students withdrawn by the University because of a returned check are assessed a matriculation fee. This fee enables the University to recover a portion of the processing costs of registration for students allowed a full refund. The fee is not assessed when the University initiates the withdrawal of a student for scholastic reasons or course cancellations.

Withdrawal refunds for the fall and spring semesters and summer session are based on the student's schedule as of the effective withdrawal date. A student withdrawn by the University for scholastic or other reasons will receive a full refund of fees paid that semester. Adds/drops will be considered appropriately in calculating withdrawal refunds. (Note: In some cases a student could receive two refund checks: one based on dropped courses and one based on withdrawal percentages for remaining courses.)

A student who withdraws after receiving any cash payment from the Office of Student Financial Services may be required to make full or partial repayment. Funds received through the Federal College Work-Study Program are not subject to repayment. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information regarding repayment obligations.

A student who withdraws as a result of being called to active military service may choose to receive a refund of tuition and fees for the semester or, under certain conditions, to be assigned an incomplete (symbol x) in each course, or to be assigned a final grade as determined by the instructor.

Tuition and Fee Billing will initiate refunds for all eligible students who submit approved withdrawal petitions to the Office of the Registrar. Refunds are issued no earlier than thirty days after the date the student paid the initial tuition and fee bill. Refunds will be sent to the address specified on the withdrawal petition.


One hundred percent refund of tuition and required fees will be made for courses dropped druing the first twelve class days. No refund is made for courses dropped after the twelfth class day (fourth class day for the summer session).


The full amount of tuition and required fees for added courses will be billed to the student regardless of the date added.


Refunds for the Cactus yearbook and Peregrinus yearbook may be applied for at Texas Student Publications.

Parking permit refunds may be requested at Parking and Transportation Services.

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