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James D. Garrison, Chair
PAR 108, B5000, 471-4991
Undergraduate Advising Office: PAR 114, 471-5736
Graduate Office: CAL 210, 471-5132

E 316K

Before registering for E 316K, students must have completed twenty-seven semester hours of coursework and received credit for E 306. Students who register without this prerequisite will be dropped from the course.


An enrolled student who does not attend any of the first three class meetings may be dropped from that course.

No English courses may be added after the third class meeting.

No student may take more that two English courses in a semester or summer term without the consent of the undergraduate adviser in English.

For additional English courses, refer to the Division of Rhetoric and Composition course listings.


Course prerequisites are strictly monitored. Students will be dropped from courses for which they are not eligible. The normal prerequisite for upper-division English courses is nine semester hours of lower-division English, including E 316K or the equivalent. The lower-division prerequisite may be waived for E 325 with written consent of the instructor.

Priority for upper-division English courses is given to English majors.

English majors are strongly encouraged to take E 314L before registering for their first upper-division English course. E 322 may be taken only once for major credit, and E 324 will not be counted toward fulfillment of major requirements.

Non-English majors with upper-division standing are eligible for E 322 and E 324.

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