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E 306

Eligibility to register for E 306 is based on student ID number. Only students with even ID numbers are eligible to register for E 306 in the fall semester; in the spring semester only students with odd ID numbers are eligible. During the summer session, ninety percent of the available seats are reserved for provisional students.

Before enrolling in E 306, all students must take either the College Board (CB) SAT II Writing Test or the CB Advanced Placement Examination in English Language and Composition. Depending on their score, students must either petition to earn placement credit for E 306 or take the course. Further instructions are given on the score reports, which students must pick up at the Division of Rhetoric and Composition in PAR 3 before seeing their adviser at registration. The SAT II Writing Test is given nationally five times a year and is also given on campus before each registration period and during summer orientation sessions. For more information about this test inquire at the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032).

Students whose native language is not English must present their scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or another relevant test to the Division of Rhetoric and Composition to determine their eligibility to take E 306Q in place of 306.

E 309K

Topics vary each semester in E 309K. Students registering for this course should consult the list of topics posted outside PAR 3 prior to academic advising and registration each semester.


Before registering for any course in the Division of Rhetoric and Composition, students should be certain that they meet the prerequisite for the course. Students who do not meet a course prerequisite will be dropped from that course.

All students should consult their undergraduate adviser and/or their dean to determine the catalog under which they will graduate and to determine the courses that will satisfy the English general degree requirement.

For additional English courses, refer to the Department of English course listings.

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