Course Offerings UT COURSE SCHEDULE, Summer '98


Robert G. May, Dean
GSB 2.104, B6000, 471-5921
Student Matters-Graduate
CBA 2.316, 471-7612
Student Matters-Undergraduate
CBA 2.314, 471-0690
David Jemison, Associate Dean
GSB 2.104, 471-5921
Ramesh S. Rao, Associate Dean
CBA 2.316, 471-7603
Urton Anderson, Associate Dean
CBA 2.314, 471-0690

Business Foundations Program courses are designed for nonbusiness students and are not open to students enrolled in the College of Business Administration. Nonbusiness students may register for the following Business Foundations Program courses: ACC 310F, LEB 320F, FIN 320F, MIS 311F, MAN 320F, and MKT 320F. Business Foundations Program courses may not be counted toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

All undergraduate business courses (with the exception of Business Foundations Program courses) are restricted to students who are enrolled in the College of Business Administration.

EXCEPTIONS. See the headnote for each department in the College of Business Administration for any exceptions in that department to the restrictions listed above.

Students are expected to meet course prerequisites. A student who has not met the prerequisites listed in this Course Schedule may be dropped from the course.

No student may register for a graduate course taught through the Graduate School of Business without the approval of the business associate dean, CBA 2.316 and the student's dean.

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