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BIO 301C, 301L, and 301M are independent courses designed for nonscience majors. The prerequisite for BIO 301C varies with the specific topic and is given in the Course Schedule. Nonscience majors may take BIO 301C, 301L, and 301M in any sequence.

Only one course in each of the following pairs of courses may be counted: BIO 301L or 302; BIO 301L or 303; BIO 301M or 304.

The lecture courses BIO 302, 303, and 304 are required for biology majors pursuing the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The prerequisite for BIO 302 is one semester of college chemistry with a grade of at least C. The prerequisite for BIO 303 is BIO 302 with a grade of at least C.

Biology majors pursuing the BA degree are required to take one of the following laboratory courses: BIO 205, 206, 208, and 309H. BIO 309H is an honors laboratory course designed to introduce students to modern techniques in cellular and molecular biology. Enrollment in BIO 309H requires completion of BIO 302 and CH 301 with a grade of at least C in each. Biology majors pursuing the BA degree may enroll in the laboratory courses BIO 205, 206, and 208 in any sequence provided they have credit for, or are registered for, the corresponding lecture course (BIO 302, 303, and 304, respectively) or have consent of instructor.

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