UT Course Schedule, Summer 1996 What's New

ID Center Relocated

The ID Center has moved from Gregory Gymnasium to 2609 University Avenue, room 2.102.

Payment by MasterCard or Visa

The University now accepts payment for registration by MasterCard or Visa. See Payment Procedure Details for additional information.

Electronic Payment or Deposit

The University now has the ability to deposit any money that is due to you directly to your bank account. You may also have your tuition and fee payment deducted from your bank account. See Payment Procedure Details for additional information.

TEX Services Expanded

TEX now offers three new services Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm and 6 pm - 12 midnight. Call (512) 475-9950.
Pay Fee Bills
(option 24)

Call TEX to confirm a zero bill, pay your fee bill by MasterCard or Visa, or authorize an electronic transfer of funds from your bank account.
Loan Entrance Interview
(option 47)

Call TEX to complete the loan entrance interview required of all first-time Stafford and Perkins loan borrowers.
Final Exam Schedule
(option 54)

Call TEX to hear a listing of your final exam schedule by unique number. This service is available approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of each exam period in the summer session.

UTACCESS Registrar's Menu

Selected data maintained by the registrar's office is available online via UTACCESS, an application on the UT administrative computer system. The administrative computer system may be accessed through various computer systems, including UTCAT and the World Wide Web.

Use of certain applications on the registrar's menu requires a student identification number, PIN, and access to the private version of UTACCESS. Applications currently available include the following:
Student Address Update
Students may use this application to update their local and/or permanent address.
Course Schedule and Class Availability
A list of course offerings and current availability of seats may be viewed using this application. Changes in course data are reflected as they are processed.
Final Examination Schedule
The time and location of the final exam for a specific unique number may be displayed using this application. This information is available beginning about one month before the end of the semester.
TEX Access Times and Bar Information
Students may use this application to view their registration access times and information about bars that will prevent registration.
Student Class Listing
Students may use this application to display their class schedule, including the meeting time and location, for the current or a past semester.
Degree Audit (IDA)
Undergraduate students may use the Interactive Degree Audit system to view existing degree audits online, to create new degree audits, and to locate advising resources.


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