UT Course Schedule, Summer 1996 Registration Procedure Details

Step One - Pick up your RIS

Pick up your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) at the location indicated for each access period. The RIS lists the dates and times you are scheduled to register, as well as information about advising and about any bars to your registration known at the time your RIS was printed.

If you are unable to obtain an RIS during period one, check the alphabetical student roster in any academic dean's office or in Registration Supervision, MAI 16, to verify your major code; then go to the advising location that corresponds to that code. Advising locations are listed in this Course Schedule under Academic Advising.

If your major department does not have a copy of your RIS, or if you lose it, go to Registration Supervision, MAI 16, to obtain a duplicate.

If any personal data on your RIS (such as your local or permanent address) needs to be changed, go to Registration Supervision, MAI 16.

Address changes may also be submitted online via utACCESS, an application on the UT administrative computer system. The administrative computer system may be accessed through various computer systems, including UTCAT and the World Wide Web. A student identification number and PIN are required to access the application for student address updates.

Step Two - Receive advising

If advising is required, your access to TEX will be prevented until the advising bar is cleared by your major department on the computer. Check with your major department for advising procedures. (See Academic Advising to determine if advising is required before you register.)

To change your major, go to the office of the dean. If the new major is in another college or school, go to the dean's office in that college for assistance.

Step Three - Clear bars

Clear financial and nonfinancial bars, if any. Financial and nonfinancial bars are noted on your RIS and will prevent your access to TEX. It is possible that bars incurred after your RIS was printed have been placed on your record. To clear a financial bar, call TEX at (512) 475-9950 (option 23) before or during registration and charge the amount due to your MasterCard or VISA, or take your RIS to the administrative department that has barred your registration, or to the cashiers in MAI 8, pay the amount due, have the bar cleared on the computer, and obtain written proof that the bar has been cleared. You may also use Western Union Quick Collect to clear a financial bar. To use Quick Collect (cash transaction), complete a blue Quick Collect Payment Form at a Western Union Office (call 1-800-325-6000 to locate the nearest office), indicating that the amount is payable to "University Texas Austin," the code city is "Longhorns, TX," and the type of payment is "financial bars." You must also give your name and student ID number. The transaction will cost $10.50 cash. A nonfinancial bar must be cleared in the administrative department that imposed the bar.

If you have financial bars on your record when you attempt to access TEX, you may be able to clear them by charging the amount due to your MasterCard or VISA. Because this process depends on agencies and technical systems other than those at the University, under some circumstances you may not be able to clear your bars by credit card and will therefore be denied access to TEX. It is recommended that you clear your financial bars before your scheduled access times by following the procedures outlined in the preceding paragraph.

Step Four - Prepare your schedule

Complete the Registration Worksheet by selecting your preferred classes, alternate classes, and optional fees before calling TEX. You will have a maximum of twenty minutes to complete your registration call, so be prepared. If your call is terminated before you complete all transactions, call back to continue. Transactions completed before the termination are not lost.

Step Five - Call TEX

Using a touch-tone telephone, call TEX, (512) 475-9800, at your scheduled time and follow the instructions given.

You must change your original PIN from your birthdate to another six-digit number the first time you call to register. This new number will remain your PIN until you change it by calling 475-9950.

You may call more than once to alter your schedule of classes and your optional fee selections. However, if you want to make changes or additions to your optional fee selections after you have paid your fee bill, you must go to the sponsoring department.

Changes in local or permanent address designation must be reported to Registration Supervision, MAI 16.

Step Six - Pay your bill

Make payment for registration according to the Payment Procedure Details.

Registration Access Periods

Registration Access Period 1
For continuing and readmitted students
April 15 - 20

Registration Access Period 2
For all students not yet registered
June 3 - 4

Registration Access Period 3
Late registration for students not yet registered
A late registration fee of $25 is in effect during this period.
June 5 - 6

Registration Access Period 4
For students enrolling for the second summer term only
July 12

Registration Access Period 5
Late registration for students not yet registered
A late registration fee of $25 is in effect during this period.
July 15 - 16

Add/Drop Access Periods

You must be registered before you can add/drop. See Add/Drop Procedure Details for instructions.

Add/Drop Access Period 6
For students who registered and paid on or before May 14
May 28 - 30

Add/Drop Access Period 7
For registered and paid students
June 5 - 6

Add/Drop Access Period 8
For registered and paid undergraduate students
June 7, 10

Add/Drop Access Period 9
For registered and paid students
July 15 - 16

Add/Drop Access Period 10
For registered and paid undergraduate students
July 17 - 18

Registration for the Fall Semester
For new current summer session students
June 12 and July 19


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