The University of Texas at Austin. Course Schedule, Summer 1996

Registration for the Fall Semester

For new current summer session students

June 12 and July 19

Students who entered the University for the first time in the current summer session may register for the fall semester on June 12 if enrolled in a first-term, nine-week, or whole-session course. If enrolled in second-term courses only, new students may register on July 19.

Pick up your RIS in the Flawn Academic Center on your registration date.

Your fee bill will be mailed on July 23 to your local or permanent address as indicated during your registration call. The payment deadline is August 14.

Access Schedule

Wednesday, June 12
Last Name
Beginning with
Access Time
New summer students
(first-term, nine-week
and whole-session)

Aaa - Zzz 8 am - 5 pm

Friday, July 19
Last Name
Beginning with
Access Time
New students who enrolled
on or after July 12 for the
second summer term only

Aaa - Zzz 9 am - 12 noon


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