UT Course Schedule, Summer 1996 Course Abbreviations

ACC Accounting
ACF Actuarial Foundations
ADV Advertising
AED Art Education
AFR African and African American Studies
AFS Air Force Science
ALD Applied Learning and Development
AMC American Civilization
AMS American Studies
ANS Asian Studies
ANT Anthropology
ARA Arabic
ARC Architecture
ARE Architectural Engineering
ARH Art History
ART Studio Art
ARY Archaeology
ASE Aerospace Engineering
AST Astronomy
B A Business Administration
BCH Biochemistry
BEN Bengali
BIO Biology
BME Biomedical Engineering
BOT Botany
BSN Bassoon
C C Classical Civilization
C D Child Development
C E Civil Engineering
C L Comparative Literature
C S Computer Sciences
CAM Computational and Applied Mathematics
CGS Cognitive Science
CH Chemistry
CHE Chemical Engineering
CHI Chinese
CLA Clarinet
COM Communication
CON Conducting
CRP Community and Regional Planning
CSD Communication Sciences and Disorders
CZ Czech
D B Double Bass
DAN Danish
DCH Dutch
DES Design
DEV Developmental Studies
DRM Drama
E English (see also
Division of Rhetoric and Composition)
E E Electrical Engineering
E M Engineering Mechanics
ECO Economics
EDA Educational Administration
EDC Curriculum and Instruction
EDP Educational Psychology
EMR Energy and Mineral Resources
ENS Ensemble
EUP Euphonium
EUS European Studies
F A Fine Arts
F C French Civilization
F H French Horn
FIN Finance
FLE Foreign Language Education
FLK Folklore
FLU Flute
FR French
G E General Engineering
GEO Geology
GER German
GK Greek
GOV Government
GRC Germanic Civilization
GRG Geography
GUI Guitar
H E Home Economics
HAR Harp
HEB Hebrew
HED Health Education
HIN Hindi
HIS History
HMN Humanities
HSC Harpsichord
I B International Business
I D Interior Design
I S International Studies
ITC Italian Civilization
ITL Italian
J Journalism
JPN Japanese
KIN Kinesiology
KOR Korean
LAH Liberal Arts Honors
LAS Latin American Studies
LAT Latin
LEB Legal Environment of Business
LIN Linguistics
LIS Library and Information Science
M Mathematics
M E Mechanical Engineering
M S Military Science
MAL Malayalam
MAN Management
MAS Mexican American Studies
MDV Medieval Studies
MES Middle Eastern Studies
MEL Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
MET Meteorology
MFG Manufacturing Systems Engineering
MIC Microbiology
MIS Management Information Systems
MKT Marketing
MNS Marine Science
MOL Molecular Biology
MSC Management Science
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
MSM Museum Course
MST Mathematical Statistics
MUS Music
N Nursing
N S Naval Science
NEU Neuroscience
NOR Norwegian
NTR Nutrition
OBO Oboe
OPR Opera
ORG Organ
P A Public Affairs
P S Physical Science
PED Physical Education
PER Percussion
PGE Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
PHL Philosophy
PHR Pharmacy
PHY Physics
PIA Piano
POL Polish
POR Portuguese
PRC Portuguese Civilization
PRS Persian
PSY Psychology
R E Real Estate
R S Religious Studies
REC Recorder
RMI Risk Management and Insurance
RTF Radio-Television-Film
RUS Russian
S C Serbo-Croatian
S S Social Science
S W Social Work
SAN Sanskrit
SAX Saxophone
SCA Scandinavian
SCI Science
SED Special Education
SES Post-Soviet and East European Studies
SLA Slavic
SME Science-Mathematics Education
SOC Sociology
SPC Spanish Civilization
SPE Speech
SPN Spanish
STA Statistics
STC Science and Technology Commercialization
SWE Swedish
T C Tutorial Course
TBA Tuba
TRO Trombone
TRU Trumpet
TUR Turkish
TXA Textiles and Apparel
V C Violoncello
VAS Visual Art Studies
VIA Viola
VIO Violin
VOI Voice
W S Women's Studies
WRT Writing
YID Yiddish
ZOO Zoology


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