UT Course Schedule, Summer 1996 Academic Calendar

Some dates pertaining to registration and other activities for a specific semester appear in the calendar for the preceding semester. Check carefully for dates and deadlines that may affect you.

APRIL 10 - 12, 15 - 19
WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY, MONDAY - FRIDAY. Academic advising for continuing and readmitted students for the summer session and the fall semester.
APRIL 15 - 20
MONDAY - SATURDAY. Registration for the summer session for continuing and readmitted students.
APRIL 22 -
MONDAY - SATURDAY (two weeks, excluding Sunday).
Registration for the fall semester for continuing and readmitted students.
TUESDAY. Registration fee bills for the summer session mailed to students.
MAY 14
TUESDAY. Payment deadline for students who registered for the summer session during the spring.

Summer Session 1996

Structure of the Summer Session

Term/Session Course Prefix Dates of Meeting
(including exam days)
First term f June 5 - July 12
Nine week n June 5 - August 1
Whole session w June 5 - August 19
Second term s July 15 - August 19

Courses taught in a shortened format are also prefixed f, n, w, or s according to the term or session that most closely corresponds to the meeting dates of the course. Specific meeting dates for short courses are listed below the course title in this Course Schedule.

Note: Students who register for nine-week courses and for second-term or whole-session courses should be aware that second-term and whole-session classes are not dismissed during nine-week final examinations. Students who register for whole-session courses should also note that final examinations are scheduled according to the hour a class meets without regard to the day, i.e., all MWF classes and all TTH classes meeting at the same hour have final examinations at the same time. Consult the final examination index printed in this Course Schedule before registering to help you avoid conflicts when possible.

When conflict between a final examination and a class does occur, consult the course instructor, department chairman, and/or your dean.


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