UT Course Schedule, Summer 1996 TEX Tips

Be Prepared
Before calling TEX, read and follow the procedures outlined in this Course Schedule. During your call, be ready to write down information that TEX gives you. For example, if you add a class using the search option, TEX will tell you the course abbreviation, course number, unique number, and class meeting time and room. This information will not be available in the printed Course Schedule if TEX has registered you for an added section of a course or if the class meeting time or place has changed since the Course Schedule was printed.

Change your PIN
Initially, your PIN is assigned automatically and is based on your date of birth. However, you must change your original PIN to any six-digit number other than your birth date to access TEX the first time you register. You are advised to change your PIN frequently to avoid unauthorized access to your records on TEX. Call (512) 475-9950 to change your PIN.

Check your class schedule
If you add or drop a class, verify your schedule by using transaction code 6.

Check your fee bill
When you receive your fee bill, verify that the classes and optional fees listed are those you requested. Check the class schedule carefully so you will be aware of time or room changes that may have occurred.

You may modify your schedule during the add/drop periods only if you pay your fee bill by the deadline.

Delays in response
If you experience a response delay during your call to TEX, simply wait a moment. Several computer systems are involved in processing registration transactions and the load on these systems varies from one time to another. Delays in response may be up to thirty seconds at peak periods. Do not press keys on your telephone while waiting as this may increase your wait time.

Order of transactions
To increase the probability of obtaining the classes you need, register first for courses offered at only one meeting time; then register for courses with several sections offered at different times. It is also advisable to register first for required courses, then for electives.

Register early
To obtain the best selection of classes and ensure access to TEX, you are strongly advised to register during your earliest access period. The large volume of calls during later access periods limits access to TEX. Students who register during the late registration period are charged a $25 fee.

Search option
If you request a section of a course that is not available, TEX will ask if you would like to search for another section of the same course, but only if you are eligible to take the class and if there are seats available in other sections. It may be to your advantage to search since additional sections of the course may have been added after the Course Schedule was printed. If you instruct TEX to search and the search is successful, TEX will schedule the section with the most seats available and give you the course abbreviation, course number, unique number, and meeting time and room. Be sure to write down the meeting information since this is the only time TEX will give it to you, and it may not be printed in the Course Schedule.

If you do not want the class TEX schedules for you, drop it using transaction code 3. If you do drop the class, another search will have the same result. If you wish to request other specific unique numbers, you may do so by using transaction code 1 or 2.

If the search is unsuccessful, requesting another unique number for the same course will also be unsuccessful since TEX already will have checked the availability of each unique number for the requested course.

Students with disabilities
Contact the Office of the Dean of Students, FAC 248, or call (512) 471-1201 or TDD (512) 471-4641, if you need assistance.

Terminated calls
If your call to TEX is terminated, the transactions you completed before the termination remain in effect. For example, if you have added two classes and are in the process of adding a third when your call is terminated, your first two transactions are saved, but the one you had not completed is lost. When you call TEX back, you can verify your schedule by using transaction code 6 before continuing with additional transactions.

Time limit
Each call to TEX is limited to twenty minutes. If your call is terminated because it exceeds the time limit, you may call again any time during your access period.

Verification of payment
To verify that your fee bill has been paid, call TEX (512-475-9950, option 22). If University records do not indicate that your fee bill is paid, your registration is not complete.


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